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Strident signs everywhere firmly forbid you to take any photographs.
But journalists are apt to be less strident and more evenhanded than many of the people they quote.
However, despite the frequent use of low standards of evidence, many evolutionary psychologists are strident and dogmatic.
But the re-emergence of a spectre from the darkest period of modern history argues for a different, indeed strident, response.
With plenty to argue about there are three reasons why the arguments are becoming more strident.
He has, as the world and this newspaper wanted, taken a less strident tone in dealing with friends and rivals alike.
Negative advertising may not work in a country unaccustomed to strident debate on scientific issues.
Yet it is also in harmony with the more strident tone of public opinion in his home state.
But it is precisely those ideas that his strident critics, including you, refuse to take seriously.
He can be politically strident, yet personally charming.
The strongly religious come to mind, as well as the strident political pundits.
Contours become thicker and more emphatic, colors brighter and more strident.
It s strident themes are synonymous with adventure and quite apt for seeing one of the seven wonders of the world.
Yet the mood of these albums has been jubilant and lyrical rather than strident.
And there was evidence that among those with less-strident voices, too, differences were beginning to show.
What is less understandable is the strident defense that so many opinion leaders offer for our present course.
Strident calls to action are easily discounted and rejected because they are obvious.
On their side they have their money and their strident molls and they accept mockery and hatred as their share.
More mainstream figures were scarcely less strident.
The strident ego sings only its own tune, blocks out the sounds of the others.
Suffused with a hovering, poetic magic, his works are never strident and avoid overbearing pathos.
In the end, extremist and simplistic ideologies express themselves in the same strident fashion, only the wording differs.
Those awful fluorescent light bulbs will be foisted on us with increasingly strident vigor.
Ones views will not be heard above the braying of those louder and more strident than oneself.
So they often seemed strident, ideological and morally obtuse.
Three months later, the tone of his missives had become more strident.
He has since become a less strident and far more articulate advocate for the cause.

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