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Bond markets seemed to take the dollar's decline in stride.
Cariocas are known for taking things in stride and enjoying life.
As advertised, he produced a series of photographs showing the horse virtually stride by stride.
Try to take these feelings in stride as much as possible.
The list will grow as the pre-announcement season hits its stride in the coming weeks.
One of the younger guys was chewing gum and taking it all in stride.
For another company, these outages would be taken in stride.
Get it wrong and your runner collapses to the ground without taking a single stride.
You're in a boat with lots of good company--so try to take it in stride.
Possibly the programme may at long last be hitting its stride.
It takes a single press of a button to reset back to zero or to set stride.
No damage done though, luckily, and our colleagues appear to be taking it in good stride.
He took in on stride and finished off a couple of papers that had been on the back burner for a while.
The photos prove that the horse has all four feet in the air during some parts of its stride.
They want us to recover our stride and to resume a positive role on the world's stage.
The expansion of a pilot payment system by mobile phone this week has quickened its stride.
She tells me about her former life and her current one, beset now with some health concerns, but she takes this all in stride.
One trick for appearing to rank higher in the system is to stride around, head held high, talking loudly on your cell phone.
You'd think that by this point, we'd understand that and take our geniuses' idiosyncrasies in stride.
The politicians and staffers who stride along its corridors are not worrying over great matters of state.
It was hot, heartbreaking work, and yet the volunteers were taking it in stride.
He quickly grew to expect lame jokes about it and took them in stride.
The hearings may shed more light on how the world's oldest profession has taken phone-hacking in its well-practised stride.
Meet the changing face of performance, street and green footwear, and find a shoe that fits your stride.
She could stride up the mountain, leaving me breathless behind.
The government has now to settle into a more measured stride.
However, they have been demanding a much bigger stride.
However, some congressmen have been demanding a much bigger stride.
The president has so far taken these impending departures in his stride.
Applicants take criticism-which has been known to address subjects such as overly-strong body odour-in their stride.
BB mackintosh coats hand out a free modem to anyone who breaks stride.
Two or more can link up to cross a gap that exceeds a single s-bot's stride.
Even if it doesn't work as people may have hoped, it will still be a good stride in the health and fitness department.
He used the strategy to prove that a trotting horse lifts all four hooves off the ground at some point in its stride.
He is unusually tall for a pianist, with a high brow and a loping stride.
The receiver catches it in stride for a touchdown-at which point the ball turns into a bouquet of roses.
As he tips forward, potential energy converts to kinetic energy, and he swings his left foot ahead to complete the stride.
Then someone a little later will stride with cybernetic confidence.
That's where innovation really takes off and where real stride are made.
The translator gets into a kind of stride and does not so often stumble over his self-implanted impediments.
No one would begrudge him a bit of bitterness over his departure, but he's taking it in stride.
Has the speed and running stride to gain separation in the open.
He added that this year's crowd seemed to take his jokes in stride and that he's planning to take some time off.
His friends now take his heavenly journey in stride, as do the townsfolk who have heard the tale for years now.
He's taken the change in stride and points out the team has played its best football of late because they have settled in roles.
After nearly a decade of setbacks and false starts, stem-cell science finally seems to be hitting its stride.
Today, such a request would probably be taken in stride.
Fans stride into boutiques bearing magazine tear sheets that feature members of the cast and ask for their exact outfits.
Nobody panics, and catastrophes are taken in stride.

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