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For instance, the surface is strewn with several fractured boulders.
The site is strewn with large boulders of dense igneous rock.
Go back to this post and picture this plant strewn all around the garden.
Many new parents find it difficult to suffer a living room strewn with brightly colored plastic toys.
The developing world is strewn with countries where sudden natural-resource booms turned out to hinder rather than help growth.
The contents of the garbage bag was strewn amongst the trees.
The abandoned lots were originally strewn with rusty cars, decrepit refrigerators and rubble.
But it also included money strewn among press commentators and members of opposition parties.
Pots and bowls were strewn about the palace kitchen.
When the curtain falls on a stage strewn with corpses, audiences hardly expect a sequel.
Today's coast is never clear but always strewn with plastic and other detritus.
It's also a major arms cache, so there were literally thousands of munitions strewn about the place.
History is strewn with examples of moral absolutists who stood up against popular injustice.
The stone-armor pit is strewn with thousands of limestone plates that are charred by a fire nobody can explain.
Bits of corn and other animal feed are strewn about the grounds.
The cows and their owners are on a barren piece of land, surrounded by ruins, close to the beach which is strewn with rubbish.
When the tide turns to the ebb this afternoon the harbor waters will be strewn with flowers to be carried seaward.
Yet the path to thought leadership is strewn with pitfalls.
In a room of couches, handbags are bunched up as if partygoers had strewn them about.
With each stroke, his hands and arms struck the jagged wood strewn through the water, while his injured leg dragged along behind.
Its petals are often strewn in the bride's path at weddings so the bloom's delicate scent is always present.
Around us the ground is strewn with shells and bleached bits of animal bones.
Their walls were crumbling, their windows were gone, and squatters and addicts had strewn rotting garbage and filth everywhere.
The floors of this house are strewn with the detritus of lives let go, ankle-deep with abandoned possessions.
With our armies strewn about the world, there is the national defense value of a militia to consider.
Relief from cabin fever in a winter strewn with storms is a much-needed bonus.
From the water's boulder-strewn edge, step into wading pools.
In time, the dark tendrils of matter strewn throughout the area will themselves collapse and form new stars.
On this remote, cactus-strewn shoreline, the sea is a dazzling shade of green.
On returning from their bath, the wain and the oxen were strewn with fresh spring flowers.
All life was absent, both from them and from the fantastic barrenness of the bowlder-strewn land at their bases.
She grew to the height of a tree beside him, leaping upon the wall with flaming eyes and hair strewn upon the night.
The undersea terrain here morphs from boulder-strewn shallows to coral reefs, each with its own cast of characters.
Sunlight floods the branches of a forest as a tense maiden with silvery tresses picks her way gingerly along a leaf-strewn path.
Ballot papers are strewn across the building and in the mud outside.
Citizens have helped clean the litter-strewn, scorched and bloodied streets.
Bodies were strewn all around its lawns and whitewashed bungalows.
Its office space is strewn with scorched metal, smashed tiling and ash.
If a hurricane is a chaotic system, then the wreckage strewn in its path is its fractal pattern.
The good way is that it's incredibly rich in its bibliography, with fascinating facts strewn about the path of the narrative.
The days to steamy ski goggles and fog-strewn windshields may be coming to a close.
They were served in his barn the traditional way-strewn in heaps across bare tables-with beer on the side.
Wooden planks and other debris are strewn about the fenced-in yard, and a brick house is visible in the background.
It breeds in shallow pools, and the eggs are attached to stems or strewn on the bottom.
The profiles can determine whether the sediments are neatly layered or chaotic and boulder-strewn.
In quasi-infernal realms, steam rises from rock-strewn ground, and pools of bubbling mud hiss and belch.
The nation's financial realities require the government to pave a road to recovery that is not strewn with nails.
They inhabit flatter areas strewn with rocky rubble.
The broad, open beach is shell strewn and seems to stretch endlessly north and south.
The mountain crests are flanked by numerous drainages with rock-strewn bottoms, steep walls, and narrow side canyons.
Before being shooed away by military police, he claimed, he had spotted several little bodies strewn nearby.
He said police received calls about people driving off with some of the bags of milk powder that are strewn along the beach.

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