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People who know their limitations can plan to avoid stressful situations or to work around events that tug at their weaknesses.
It's best and less stressful to begin your driving experience away from big cities, so try renting your car in a smaller town.
Fame only made dealing with her mental illness that much more stressful and put her under more pressure.
They struggled in stressful situations, often had trouble paying attention, and found it difficult to maintain friendships.
But it's also sad and stressful to watch a capable artist fail so publicly.
The conclusion that poverty is stressful is hardly news.
Except in the case of a few highfliers and a somewhat larger number of inveterate slackers, college is a stressful experience.
People are prone to extremes of behavior because weddings are big, stressful business.
One friend of mine simply says she can't talk about it, it's too stressful.
Exercise is an effective distraction from stressful events.
Avoid stressful social situations, whenever possible.
They knew finance could be stressful at the best of times.
But then think about all the dire consequences of stressful life and its impact on productivity itself.
It's expensive and time-consuming, and it can be lonely and stressful.
It is stressful for animals, and expensive and time-consuming for people.
It is also, for many of those who work closely with the financial markets, unusually stressful.
Country dwelling was more stressful for me because it was more boring.
Stressful economic times almost invariably fuel political support for inflationary policies.
For some managers, the markets have become too stressful.
In stressful times people retreat to safer currencies, even if those currencies belong to the country in distress.
The idea is that telling porkies is stressful, so jumps in these readings indicate whether a subject is lying.
It's a stressful place with a fast-moving business culture and a joyous emphasis on food.
Birth is a stressful event, so this result strengthens that theory.
Exposing wrongdoing at powerful companies is hugely stressful.
What piffle trading is no more stressful than other jobs such as parking meter attending or being a politician.
On a stressful business trip, a hotel room can be a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the work day.
The years between obtaining a job and earning tenure are stressful.
And many say the seemingly endless social obligations add to an already stressful job.
Ability to work in a stressful, fast-paced environment and effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously.
It can be a stressful time for students and faculty alike.
So being an administrator, if not more labor intensive than teaching, is certainly more stressful.
The complete mystery of the search process is annoying and stressful.
Although my first job search was unsuccessful, it was not stressful.
Life is stressful--learn to ride the swells as well as the calm places.
The part about online teaching that's stressful is figuring out how to migrate one's ethos online.
For anxious applicants, this is an inevitably stressful season.
Stressful environments, the couple said, are known for producing bullies.
It also seems that it can be quite a stressful process.
Even successful job-hunters, if they're honest about their search, will tell you that it had its highly stressful moments.
Sometimes it will calm you down to clean the house instead of working on something important and stressful.
Teaching has the qualities guaranteed to make a job stressful: high responsibility and low control.
At still other times his language seemed to suggest a continued interest in stressful interrogations.
They struggled in stressful situations, often had trouble paying attention, and found it difficult to maintain friendships.
Almost anyone else might, there and then, have opted for a less stressful life.
They made sure that the musicians were playing under maximally stressful conditions by booking them in an impressive concert hall.
Many study participants who lived vigorously into old age had highly stressful jobs.
He may have found the job too stressful and the work monotonous.
Hospitals can be stressful, and anything you can do to reduce tension during the birthing process is a major plus.
Although prison jobs are stressful and dangerous, they are viewed as a means of preserving local communities.
The trout's misfortune goes far deeper than their strange and stressful dance with human anglers.
If it flunks the test, there is time to take precautionary measures to avert failure should the stressful conditions materialize.
As people live and work longer at less physically stressful jobs, some of them should wait longer before their pay day.
The conditions in general-lack of exercise, isolation from other animals, lengthy confinement in tiny cages-are stressful.
For my generation, this process feels highly stressful and socially disruptive.
Many essential facts get overlooked or misconstrued by people facing stressful encounters in doctors' offices.
Watching those close to your heart perform in stressful situations can harmonize both of your heart rates, a new study says.
There will also be no moving around which is less stressful to both the animal and the photographer.
Luckily she had time for a quick close up before running off to her busy and obviously stressful schedule.
They also found that predation is especially stressful for females whose close relatives are killed.
As a photographer, one of the great challenges is trying to be creative under fairly stressful conditions.
It's stressful, dangerous, and he is doing the best he can.
With this security comes great responsibility, which ends up being stressful, messy and eventually unsustainable.
Both dogs were previously house trained but started to go potty in the house as well as outside after this stressful event.

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