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Naturally, having your town go from rural crossroads to epicurean epicenter has brought some stresses.
Academic couples face stresses known to few other professionals.
Constructivism stresses the interaction of students with the information they are learning and their day-to-day lives.
Tenure denials come with a multiplicity of stresses.
Little research exists on the mental and emotional stresses particular to higher education.
In our case, the stresses have come more from outside than within.
Thank you for the article's end which stresses the core values of higher education.
Every one of them stresses the importance of inclusive curricula and respecting student diversity.
But coming from a body that stresses the spiritual, parts of the meeting's final statement were quite earthly.
What the show stresses, however, is not commonality but variety.
So rather than dwelling on her lack of political experience, she stresses how she will apply her nous to running the country.
The interest- rate benchmark would be set over a long period, so it would not be unduly influenced by immediate market stresses.
Turbine blades are difficult to make because they have to survive high temperatures and huge stresses.
The software models the stresses and strains that the object will need to withstand throughout its structure.
And, when his press secretary winces at this, he stresses that he means it.
Everyone involved stresses that this is not an emergency.
The impact of this work is reflected in the stresses and strains that are evident in their remains.
It makes a distinction between tourism and travel, and stresses inquisitive not acquisitive trips.
It stresses out blood vessels in the brain, making them more susceptible to ruptures.
He also stresses the importance of recognizing and communicating the level of uncertainty inherent in any scientific information.
She stresses the importance of continuing their education.
It makes a distinction between tourism and travel and stresses inquisitive, not acquisitive, trips.
And because the ecosystem is largely intact, it has stability and resilience and is able to recover from environmental stresses.
But the two plates have continued to converge, building up tectonic stresses.
The group stresses that it's crucial that authorities remove any illegal invaders from the reserve.
There's a lot of other stresses on bird populations.
Still, the team stresses that these results are based on one finding in one area and are not necessarily conclusive.
With medicinal plants, however, some experts think that stresses create the useful compounds.
Now the results of a new study indicate that these stresses can have serious consequences for doctors and patients alike.
Having a solid relationship or knowing you made the best decision in a bad spot cannot completely shield you from life's stresses.
They then used the computer simulation to explore how the bone would have responded to stresses transmitted during feeding.
The continued rapid population growth in many poor countries will markedly exacerbate the environmental stresses.
The body keeps up with these stresses by generating osteoblasts, cells that make bones.
Maybe also what happens when you subject bees to other stresses or repeated stresses.
Mountains were made in the region a long, long time ago, and there are still stresses and strains.
The lack of water in the state could present more stresses to any future fires in the area.
The ailment may be in part the result of the stresses imposed on hives by this uniquely modern system.
As a researcher, he stresses that it is too early for clinical use.
She stresses that this is long-term research, because hatchlings born this season will not reach reproductive age for years.
Explaining what stresses bats isn't straightforward, however.
Money woes, other stresses bring unwanted physical response.
They also tend to be longer cruises, allowing you plenty of time to unwind and forget about the stresses of everyday life.
They no longer grow or respond to the stresses and strains of life.
But that's the point of training-to acclimate students to the kinds of stresses they'll encounter in space.
Tips are rarely caused by a single shock, but require multiple stresses.
Kids live out their parents' financial stresses, according to a new study.
Writing about the stresses and uncertainties in the admissions process carries a risk.
Their report stresses aggressive primary prevention, or stopping the problem before it becomes one, as the key approach.
The tax system should be a tool for reducing the stresses of inequality in the economy, not increasing it.
It also stresses the importance of regional governance, mixed land uses, and the arts.
There are people who simply cannot adjust themselves to the new freedoms and the new stresses.
But the order stresses being a good nun far above being a good nurse-and this is the problem.
Gives a brief history of the kingdom and stresses the importance of oil.
Maybe because his collection of so-called psychological and individual stresses has torn his life apart.
One key factor to surviving such stresses may be how different each crew member is from the others.
Heat-shock proteins are produced by cells in response to hyperthermia and other stresses.
He glimpses the dawning of self- conception not in the stresses of communal living but in the perils of traversing treetops.
Evolution also now begins to select individuals who are more well adapted to the rigors and stresses of agricultural life.
Based on current climate projections, growing seasons will be much warmer introducing agricultural stresses.
To gain precision, he decided to measure the stresses that are transmitted from one grain to another.
The stresses of war influencing and increasing mothers' testosterone.
For an infinitesimally thin surface element, stresses are tangential as radial stresses go to zero on the surface.
She also agreed with me that today's stresses and environmental toxins might be contributing to the problem.
His plan for switching to a hydrogen-based economy stresses the money to be made.
The engines are under huge stresses, but it does take a lot for an engine that large.
He stresses four themes that have been identified in earlier chapters.
The conventional wisdom of the moment stresses the risks of action on any of these fronts: fiscal, monetary, or trade.
In the first place he stresses the medieval record of technical innovation.
And above all what she stresses is the blight of a conditioning for luxury without the means.
Which is not to say that the traditional spousal modes of campaigning aren't undergoing their own stresses and buckles.
There's no better music for a party-it helps you get rid of the stresses of the day.
He stresses, however, that colonoscopies remain the gold standard for diagnosing the disease.
Drummond stresses that the system is designed to safeguard privacy.
The key is that the stresses within the scaffold are not evenly distributed to start off with: there is plenty of slack.
Juggling home and job could create stresses you prefer not to ponder.
It's a decision many make not once but a number of times as their families and job stresses change.
Everybody involved stresses that this was a test, not a serious attempt to catch bad guys.

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