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The stress of the day, from morning traffic to the evening news, can make anyone's blood pressure rise.
The stress level in practice is obviously different from the for-real pressure of a propeller actually coming off.
Nightmares will occur more often during times of physical or emotional stress, and will disappear when the situation is resolved.
For all these reasons, foraging during nesting is a stress point in the life history of albatross.
The strong syllable in an outriding foot has always a great stress and after the outrider follows a short pause.
Isolating, affixing, symbolic-this also seemed insufficient for the reason that it laid too much stress on technical externals.
But stress has done more than articulate or unify sequences that in their own right imply a syntactic relation.
Too much stress must not be laid upon these striking reductions in the time distances of one place from another.
Stern financial and social stress after the war cooled much of the previous humanitarian ardor.
His doctors have given him a diagnosis of stress-related heart disease, but his producers couldn't care less.
Among its causes is making sure that military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder are not denied access to guns.
Feelings of stress and anxiety are common in people who feel depressed and sad.
But in effect, those mice had responded to the repeated stress by becoming depressed.
Irrigating with collected rainwater reduces the stress on these facilities, as well as the need for new construction.
The activity shows the stress the seam is under and could be a harbinger of worse to come, scientists warn.
All that cracked, unstable crust seethes with stress.
Where these shells push against each other, stress builds up.
There may be fewer predators here in the north, but the stress of such a long migration probably outweighs that benefit.
Thin rings are a sign that the trees are undergoing stress, running short of water in the heat.
Stress and the hormone cortisol, which plays a role in the body's reaction to stress, also affect allergic illnesses.
It's uncomfortable and there is some lingering stress surrounding it.
The entrepreneurs stress that costs come down as technology advances.
Autonomous cars that, in theory, can help commuters de-stress and allow freeways to flow more smoothly.
But besides serving as a stress-coping mechanism, expressive writing produces many physiological benefits.
Meat grown in bioreactors-instead of raised on farms-could help alleviate planetary stress.
The researchers also had supervisors fill out a different survey, about their stress levels and weekly exercise.
Addiction starts with genetics and the environment, but is triggered by stress.
Depression and chronic stress can be serious strains on heart health.
The rubbery surface allows the applied mechanical stress of footsteps to produce piezoelectricity.
Most people encounter sleep difficulties from time to time, often related to stress or pain.
There is acute stress, which is considered to be a transient condition.
Post-traumatic stress can only be labeled a month after an event.
The mind can go either direction under stress-toward positive or toward negative: on or off.
The key seems to be stress, with large variations on how well particular individual's bodies handle or don't handle stress.
While at the event of stress it affecting to the heart and get collided with the full function of the blood system.
The fact that should be identified why the stress has been created.
Corals under temperature stress blanch, expelling symbiotic algae that hide the white skeletons below them.
Having more money has made a world of difference for me, my stress level, and in turn happiness.
Several features in particular help to make endospores resistant to environmental stress.
Also the stress of the natural gait and the fear of falling would contribute.
Since then, mirth has been shown to reduce stress and even boost immunity.
There are many reasons why people lose sleep, a big one being stress.
Now this is important because cortisol is thought to explain some of the links that we've seen between stress and disease.
Next, the wafer is heated, causing stress within the material because the metal and silicon expand at different rates.
Sudden wind gusts put the gearbox under tremendous mechanical stress.
The large temperature gradient across the device puts mechanical stress on the contact-thermoelectric interface.
On the one hand, stress corrosion cracking occurred in the reaction layer.
So immediate problems will override future ones, grabbing our attention because of the immediate anxiety and stress produced.
The rest of all people, a minority of one-third, are more resilient to stress than the other two-thirds are.
Thus, it could be argued that becoming depressed in response to stress is the normal state.
Among other jobs, the hippocampus is involved in responding to stress.
The link between chronic stress and a marker of old age is being disentangled.
The other is that inequality may literally be making people miserable by increasing stress and the hormones it releases.
Such early-life stress is known to have effects on health that can last for years.
Constant flexing of the structure concentrates stress, which leads to microscopic cracks.
The consequence of that release is stress-free mice.
And that is what is going on with the euro, where a stress on demanding austerity has eclipsed the need to boost confidence.
She hints that more stress should be placed at this tender age on language and social skills than on reading and writing.
They model each transaction under a variety of high-stress situations and only accept those that show no losses in all scenarios.
It gives them health checks and advice on managing stress, and regularly has ceremonies to congratulate long-serving staff.
Cars have become nodes on smart networks, reducing accidents, stress and fuel consumption.
Risk management was risible, with risk limits raised whenever they were breached and dodgy investments excluded from stress tests.
The composer himself was in poor health, made worse by stress and constant overwork.
So there's some evidence that stress doesn't help us make good decisions.
The best way to alleviate the stress is to prepare thoughtfully and practice presenting yourself, so you're on the right track.
Others target bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.
For that money, they get to go home at the end of their shift and not have any real work related stress.
To stress the applications of computing rather than the need for algorithmic logic.
We can't stress enough how important it can be, in terms of career planning, to take a few years away from school.
Access to a friendly, understanding ear can work wonders on your stress level.
Less stress for everyone involved to have a steady schedule from the beginning.
In the realm of high-stress admissions and licensing exams, the accommodation question is as controversial-and complex-as ever.
And one normal, if not particularly useful, reaction to stress can be the sort of work paralysis that you describe.
They learned less, my stress level dropped and my evaluations shot through the roof.
Users continue to stress the limits of any given system, and creators expand the system to accommodate new growth.
New insights into how cells cope with stress could help combat neurological diseases and reduce the ravages of aging.
The symptoms of those infected include attacks of optimism, strong feelings of community, and lowered stress levels.
The electronic maps flashing around him didn't do anything to ease the stress of the moment.
Information on posture and movement is measured by the stress on sensors built into the garment.
There wouldn't be any break from the stress and creative demands.
It can be accelerated by stress, cigarette smoking, and alcohol.
The difficulty of the work made no difference in the amount of chocolate eaten, suggesting that stress was not was not a factor.
But it has been more difficult to demonstrate other suspected connections, chiefly that of noise-related stress to heart disease.
Innovation experts and consultants stress repeatedly that innovation isn't a matter of subject knowledge.
Really, it's the only way to handle the stress and responsibilities of soiree-throwing.
One sure-bet souvenir of air travel these days is stress.
Experienced business travelers feel stress before leaving for trips to some big cities.
Respondents weren't asked what the source of their stress was.
Stress increases the number of free radicals and increases the spill of stress hormones in your body.
Some of the dogs are used with medical units to help provide stress relief for deployed troops.
Chronic stress floods the brain with hormones that, over time, may damage the hippocampus.
How a broken heart can really break your heart, violent games can ease your stress, and the lowest-stress job around.
But testosterone declines naturally with age, and stress is known to contribute to cellular aging.
When it experienced stress, it churned out lots of hormones.
In other words, they had the same stress levels regardless of whether a real hand or the prosthetic was in danger.
The gunny suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, a pathological form of anxiety.
Studies in mice have shown that excess glucocorticoids-stress-related hormones-can produce visceral obesity and diabetes.
Asthma, allergies, and heart disease get worse under the stress of heat and smog.
He believes a combination of many different effects may stress frogs' immune systems and that atrazine may be a part of it.
Whether they stress the importance of one over the other will depend on the question they are asking.
Scientists present the facts about climate change clinically, failing to stress that business-as-usual will transform the planet.
The practical difficulties, always safer to stress than moral hesitations, were formidable.
And all that stress put me in the mood for a little violence.
She breaks into tears, overcome with the stress of months of deception.
She clearly wants to try both at once, but that intention can break down under the stress of a crisis.
Good daily stress management will keep you from snapping as easily in tense situations.
Otherwise, do whatever you normally do to release stress.
Sidelined with a stress fracture in his right leg, he.
She said monkeys kept in homes often end up obese and suffering from emotional stress that takes the form of self-biting.
Proponents say they can offer a cathartic experience, helping to relieve stress and hostility in socially acceptable ways.
And the stress of deployment in a hostile combat zone has a corrosive effect on discipline.
Researchers have long known that stress can sometimes play a role in infertility.
The result is that exercise primes the brain to show less stress in response to new stimuli.
The virus can be triggered by outside stress, such as exposure to sunlight, a fever or emotional distress.
Stress builds up on the fault over time, and then is released when an earthquake occurs.
Stress is a feeling you get when faced with a challenge.
In small doses, stress can be good for you because it makes you more alert and gives you a burst of energy.

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