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Anglers strenuously objected to having such prized fishing grounds declared off-limits.
Already, car companies have begun to argue strenuously against any grades.
Even if all does not collapse, get ready for some strenuously healthy living.
Failing to regulate for-profit admissions and financial aid strenuously hurts poor people.
The airlines objected strenuously on the grounds that bag matching would add significant delay to boarding procedures.
It was a matter that the campaign tried strenuously to deny.
He must fight strenuously to escape it, and the tendency of the bunker is always to pull him back.
Military technologists will strenuously resist the enactment of any such program.
The surgeon has eight years of education and is strenuously selected prior to ever performing his first surgery.
We object even more strenuously to the use of that noxious power arbitrarily.
My heart strenuously waves these things off from my memory's gaze until the dim thing sought arrives at last, fresh from depths.
Meanwhile certified scholars continue to work strenuously on new studies and new editions.
The result is not only well informed about a vast range of subjects but also strenuously objective.
It is about a strenuously maintained state of wanting.
Whence the church has often strenuously recommended the study of the sacred languages.
Maintain a healthy diet and don't exercise too strenuously or lose weight too quickly.
Others argue strenuously for the limit to be kept as it is, as do some industry lobbies.
Businesses strenuously lobby for particular favours from government, and chambers of commerce campaign for lighter regulation.
The junta is strenuously insisting that its policies have not changed, even if its personnel has.
The essence of a free society is that it should disagree strenuously about things that matter.
Even still, it's a mistake to discount his potential influence too strenuously.
They may also test models more strenuously, forcing them to consider risk outside of historical bounds.
But it objects strenuously to any law that suggests restrictions on gun ownership or gun use.
She plainly does care about the struggling families and strenuously upbeat old people she has photographed.
He also ignored advice to rest up for the debate and went on campaigning strenuously until the last minute.
People who work or exercise strenuously are also in this category due to increased deep respiration.
We strenuously suggest that you consult an attorney before bidding on any parcel of property.
People who work or exercise strenuously may also select this category due to their increased deep respiration.
Examples are certain environments where bacteria and yeast are growing and your own tissues when you are exercising strenuously.
The local political party is strenuously looking for someone to fill his senate seat.

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