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Or those with physical disabilities or injuries which make regular strenuous exercise difficult or impossible.
In fact, your strenuous efforts at dissuasion could end up reinforcing his views.
Strenuous physical activity in adolescents actually seemed to make mind matters worse.
The development of critical thinking can be a strenuous undertaking and requires all kinds of effort.
From the position now occupied he did not seriously depart throughout the strenuous literary work of his mature years.
His attempts to close that rift were strenuous and honest and ineffective.
The language itself is made strenuous, its musculature easily traced, so that even the grammar becomes a form of rhetoric.
The study did not address why more strenuous exercise appears to be helpful.
The tone feels pushy and strenuous, the timing a beat or two off.
The condition can be fatal if, during strenuous exercise, the heart pounds so fast that no blood enters its chambers at all.
But she also spends a long part of the film in a strenuous simulacrum of pleasure.
It's strenuous, smartly made and ordinary to an extraordinary degree.
Some highly trained athletes, for instance, report being susceptible to colds after strenuous events.
People with severe symptoms should avoid strenuous activity.
Estella's subconscious gets a strenuous workout during the course of the film.
Strenuous exercise, especially when you do not exercise often, is another example.
He resists strenuous exercise and is still a little pudgy and soft-looking.
Strenuous strength training or high-impact exercise is not recommended for people with uncontrolled diabetes.
These fractures are caused by overuse during strenuous exercise, particularly jogging and high-impact aerobics.
Avoid strenuous activity two hours prior to going to bed.
Avoid exercise or strenuous physical activity outside during hot or humid weather.
If symptoms do occur, strenuous activity must be limited.

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