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Financial stress can strengthen relationships, if it is dealt with.
Introduces, facilitates, and manages improvements and modifications to strengthen program and align with best practices.
To strengthen intra-college, community, and of district-wide staff relations.
Several emerging economies will reintroduce or strengthen controls on capital inflows.
The networks monitor their signals closely and strengthen them as necessary, to maintain a good signal for customers.
The mature brain can grow new neural connections and strengthen weak ones, if exercised.
Instead, it should be seen as a way to strengthen the economy.
If the government hoped to strengthen the peso or improve financial transparency, it has accomplished the opposite.
Echinacea is often used in herbal medicine because it is thought to strengthen the immune system.
To strengthen a wall, and perhaps a corner as well, add ladder wire every other course and under the top course.
Wait a few hours, allowing the ice crystals to interlock and strengthen.
On no theory will the cuts strengthen the economy, and they won't much reduce the deficit either.
Nor has there been much sign of rejoicing in those countries whose currencies have tended to strengthen.
The boat tragedy could strengthen the case for closing the island's processing centre altogether.
Some of the ways bacteria protect themselves from antibiotics might be used against them to strengthen existing drugs.
In addition, major efforts have been made to strengthen the teaching and research infrastructure in the country.
The college leaders see an opportunity to strengthen their role when the law is finally renewed.
People's doubts in my ability only strengthen my resolve.
One point that was not mentioned is how it can strengthen relationships.
The latest studies strengthen the possibility even more.
It is believed that billing strengthen the bond between the pair.
Our present movement to quit further spending on the military will strengthen us in the long run.
New technologies can strengthen ties within your business, too.
They found, however, that the placebo response does not strengthen the effect of an active drug.
Likewise, new nano materials will be developed to mix in with the vinyl to strengthen it against warps.
They've also found out how hurricanes develop, strengthen and weaken.
He believes that genetic knowledge will strengthen our commitments to each other, not rob us of purpose.
It is clear that the ones behind it work by an agenda, in order to strengthen certain beliefs and weaken others.
They work closely with the public sector, trying to strengthen it.
For a long time past, the chief mischief of the legal penalties is that they strengthen the social stigma.
GE believes that now is the time to strengthen, expand and diversify our energy infrastructure.
Performing these sorts of tasks may help strengthen cellular connections, compensating for the malfunctioning genes.
But done right, it can also increase feelings of closeness and affection and strengthen the bond between two people.
Our egos constantly strive to strengthen its stature compared to others.
College education enables students to grow as whole persons as well as develop their minds and strengthen their working skills.
Then examine what you must do to strengthen your chances of getting one of those jobs.
Body scanners are an invasion of privacy and they don't strengthen security one bit.
We could also see if people can strengthen the connections in this critical area.
The technology, if successful, could also be easily converted to strengthen hurricanes.
It will strengthen the impression that manned space flight has achieved almost nothing since the moon landings.
It all fits with a pattern of behaviour where people evangelise to strengthen their own faltering beliefs.
However, other studies generally support and strengthen her findings.
The other, opposing reaction is to strengthen the hand of copyright owners.
River waters poured through two vital irrigation barriers as army engineers raced to strengthen embankments.
He had to do the rehab and strengthen the wrist again.
Some manufacturers promise to strengthen them as if they secretly hanker to lift weights.
Take personal responsibilities seriously to strengthen relationships.
Making sure the tongue on the roof of the mouth will strengthen the neck too.
Disagreement can strengthen relationship and sometimes even helps to develop positions if one is open to opposing views.
They strengthen bone and protect you from fractures for a while.
Nor did they allow the yuan to strengthen against the dollar until last month.
No one will want to borrow in a currency that is only ever going to strengthen, increasing the value of their debts.
Whoever leads the effort to strengthen the treaty, therefore, will need others to follow.
His opponents argue that regional deals can strengthen exporters' political clout, so raising the odds of freer global trade.
Others, conversely, argue that it will strengthen state-controlled unions but do little for downtrodden workers.
But they are still seizing the opportunity to strengthen their balance-sheets further.
Indeed, policymakers should allow the country's exchange rate to strengthen naturally, eliminating any trade surplus.
By the same token, it would help if local currencies were allowed to strengthen.
One method may be to simply strengthen the muscle attached to the bone.
Tester introduces legislation to strengthen transparency, accountability in government.

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