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The tyranny of ageing is less the waning of physical strength than the burden of surviving life and loss.
It takes muscle strength and vigor to hold one's head up and sit up straight.
As some adults get older, they may no longer have the physical strength or agility to engage in their chosen pleasures of life.
One advantage of this adhesive over others is that its strength is strongly direction dependent.
In fact, the strength depends on the frequency and intensity of incident light.
When light hits a photosensor, it produces an electrical current whose strength reflects the intensity of the light.
For strength, reinforce the corners of the box with vertical posts.
The size and strength of the bubbles determine the durability of the meringue.
After planting, water the bowls regularly and feed weekly with half-strength fish emulsion.
Your experience, strength, and equipment determine how heavy a rock you can safely handle.
Sam reaches out and, in a burst of strength, pulls herself to the cliff's upper edge.
Equally, plenty of disputes might more easily escalate into war if the countries concerned had the naval strength to wage it.
Rental-market strength is also rousing a long-dormant building industry.
In fact, the lawsuit is probably best interpreted as one more sign of the company's weakness, not its strength.
Policy decisions will also influence the relative strength of the recoveries in the emerging economies versus the rich world.
Multi-family housing construction in particular is showing signs of strength, according to the latest housing start data.
Stick to the rule of law: being predictable is a source of strength.
Second, the size and strength of the chaebol risk stifling entrepreneurialism elsewhere.
The strength of the fuselage means that the cabin will be kept at a higher pressure than on conventional airliners.
Over the course of the day, there is a net increase in the strength and number of the brain's synapses.
And a doomsday scenario is inconsistent with the strength of equity markets.
Unlike wine and cider, beer is taxed on a sliding scale according to its strength.
There are telltale signs that the data may be underestimating, rather than overestimating, underlying economic strength.
So its strength may simply be down to a lack of confidence in paper currencies rather than its own merits.
Superheroes are symbols of strength, but your costumes are knitted.
Cellulose is a major component of wood, giving that material its signature strength.
Many of them could resist the suction of even our industrial-strength vacuum cleaner.
They slink seaward mostly at night to avoid predators, lingering in brackish estuaries to gather strength.
The horse was a symbol of freedom, strength, pride and courage.
Both the strength and direction of waves can be manipulated by the depth of the ocean bottom.
The university's strength is the arts, so all kinds of performances and visual offerings are ongoing.
We chased down prey until it was exhausted, then killed it when it could no longer muster the strength to fight back.
Exercises called lumbar extension strength training are proving to be effective.
For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.
The drop hollows out the stone not by strength, but by constant falling.
The ranking is based almost entirely on measures of strength in research.
He will leave the group in a position of strength, according to the organization's leaders.
Tornadoes don't last long enough for advance strength measurements, and also quickly change strength.
Depending on the strength and position of a jet streak, a weak low-pressure area can quickly developing into a raging monster.
Storage strength measures how deeply the memory is rooted.
Some memories may have high storage strength but low retrieval strength.
Emanuel's finding defies existing models for measuring storm strength.
Tigers are the largest of all wild cats and are renowned for their power and strength.
As a hurricane gains strength, its barometric pressure reading drops.
The study also found that these upswings in hurricane strength correlate with a rise in sea-surface temperatures.
The strength and elasticity of spider silk makes it the toughest natural fiber.
Another year of feeding at sea may give him the bulk and the strength to win his own domain.
Some silk made by orb weaver spiders rivals the tensile strength of steel.
What's more, some climate models suggest that global warming will increase the average strength of polar winds.
But traditions are regaining strength, and some powerful cooking is going on at the relatively new chef-owned places in town.
Almost all brands of commercial yeast are comparable to each other in strength and reliability.
Its smokiness has a depth and strength not found in other bacons.
She paused, opening her mouth to sneeze, and stuck out her arms as if to gather strength to fight it back.
Given their size and strength they can do a lot of damage to anything in quick order.
The strength of that bang seems to be waning over time, however, especially for the elderly.
Also, the habit tends to cause an increase in hand swelling and a decrease in the grip strength of the hand.
Such relatively cool temperatures do not provide enough thermal energy to sustain a hurricane's strength.
She was unable to replicate that strength when awake.
The result is on par with an aluminum alloy for strength, but at half the metal's weight.
Animals given a sham injection regained little or none of the lost strength, the group reports.
It took enormous strength of character and ego to pursue it then, and nothing seems to have changed today.
We know when this neutralization occurred and what the strength of the density fluctuations was then.
New, flat, high-strength steel belts of similar strength may be less than one-fourth-inch thick.
Polymers can fulfill a wide variety of functions thanks to properties such as high strength, solvent resistance and insulation.
But the normal papermaking process destroys the inherent strength of cellulose fibers.
The strength of the connections or the synapses can vary depending on experience.
Start with the third paragraph but write with conviction and strength.
But worse, the strength of gravity fades with distance.
Neither strength alone nor density alone is decisive.
The extensive root system over my repaired heal symbolizes stability, strength and recovery.
The curious construction meant that the craft required much larger timbers for strength.
But cats are extremely sensitive to aspirin, and even a single extra-strength pill can trigger a fatal overdose.
Elephants are strong enough to bulldoze entire trees and you might think that there can be no defence against such brute strength.
Of course, brute strength is not the only requirement for breaking concrete blocks-the nature of the chop is also important.
But neither compound has yet been tested for improving strength or endurance in humans.
Rather than taking strength in the fact that they outnumbered their foes, the monkeys realised that they could afford to cheat.
Many were dead and others almost dead, and nobody had the health or strength to help the diseased or bury the dead.
Her legs are not particularly built for strength, but they don't have to be.
Their network of radio transceivers measures the signal strength to reveal the locations of people or objects in the area.
What gives them strength during the uprising-their amorphous character and impulsiveness-leads to their subsequent undoing.
To walk past those names and realize those lost lives-the effect of that is the strength of the design.
And they are right now gathering strength around the world.
The speeches also display as a strength a personal trait that can seem, instead, an indulgence.
She thought of herself as a goddess, in possession of a great strength that would allow her to achieve anything she wanted.
Its enforcement was supposed to rest on the moral strength of world opinion.
It had a triple-strength circle concertina barrier with tents in the middle with another triple-strength concertina perimeter.
She has, in the end, the strength and the means to make good this latest loss too.
After all, penitence gives strength, and attrition leads to absolution.
The group has also expressed concern about the strength of the prosecution's evidence to support what charges have been brought.
But you know, a bench press is a poor indicator of overall strength.
She had a quiet strength, but she was strong, and she was determined.
Add the cost of restoring the military to its pre-war strength.
Later, one of them found the strength to tell his story.
My willingness for risk has always been my strength.
He feels the need to impart his knowledge, be a source of strength for him, and really help him through what he's going through.
Listening to my inner consciousness and summoning the strength and determination to act on it.
That's really the strength of the film, and he did a brilliant job.
His strength and charisma come from being among the common people.
And that's hardly going to be perceived as a humble projection of strength in a way that promotes freedom.
The strength of the resonance depends on the size of the capillary and the strength of the field.
Each neuron is connected to many others, and the strength of these connections changes constantly as the brain learns.
Devices are located using the signal strength of nearby cell towers.
And towers require materials that have strength under torque.
Someone could create a web accessible bank that would automatically calculate the bond strength for submitted permutations.
The color changes from red to blue as the magnetic field's strength increases.
The prototype's inner shell, made from a strong yet somewhat flexible nylon material, gives the ball structural strength.
Others have shown that creating this kind of structure can provide a natural scaffold that supports tissue strength and growth.
The strength of the signals that a handset has to generate depends on how far away it is from such a base station.
It takes considerable electromagnetic field strength to extract sufficient electrons for this phenomena.
Pursuing our interests and spreading our ideals thus requires stealth and modesty as well as military strength.
Gil is a stumbling contemporary neurotic thrown in among artists with seemingly dauntless strength.
His strength was in theoretical physics, but he was being forced to sit in a laboratory making thin films of beryllium.
He gave a fiercely accurate performance, achieving a sound of notable strength and weight.
What these judgments miss is that jollity can be a form of strength.
In this series of encounters, the two generations were able to draw strength from each other.
The soldier smashes the bat with all his strength into the cadet's head.
It gave me a kind of private strength that allowed me to withstand certain indignities, confident that everything was temporary.
Over the last month, though, the pace and strength of protest and crackdown has intensified.
That, more than anything else, is the source of its strength.
It must be delivered with strength, certainly, but also at the proper moment and in the proper location.
When conditions maximized humiliation and confrontation, every interaction escalated into a trial of strength.

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