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After all, it is a barrier between house and street.
Next-gen optical camouflage is busting out of defense labs and into the street.
He set up a makeshift studio in an empty storefront across the street from where he lived.
The relationship between high fashion and street wear goes back a long way.
With cash machines and bank branches at every street corner there is less call for an alternative payment system.
Back down the stairs, cross the street that parallels the train tracks and head left.
Street price per gram, implies the grade of cocaine you'd get on the street.
The town hall sees street prayers as a temporary problem of capacity.
On-site parking is available by arrangement, with street parking and commercial garages nearby.
Note its two tiers of columns wrapped around the street corner.
If you can't handle looking both ways before crossing the street the world won't miss you.
The arbor also improves how the house looks from the street.
The wall blocks the sight and sound of street traffic nearby.
The fungus was able to infect one tree and move underground to the next, and then the next, right down the street.
Look from the street, though, because no visitors are allowed.
Go prowling through the night from street to street.
The melodious cries of street vendors also cross the fuzzy border between speech and song.
If you need to cross the street, first check the traffic.
But if those viewers live in a housing project for the homeless, that booze could get them booted back out to the street.
Pick a street and walk or ride a bike down the street, stopping to record data at set intervals.
Seeing no oncoming cars, he quickly stuck out his arm as a signal and made an abrupt left onto the cross street.
Travelers could be forced to navigate detours around street flooding as well.
My body would have been splattered all over the street.
Police were afraid to enter many areas as street gangs and guerrilla and paramilitary groups fought for control of neighborhoods.
And you can arrange your miniature street people in your miniature town square without feeling sorry for them.
In some of the more popular places, the local crowds spill happily out into the street.
Street lights were on, but no lights shone from windows.
Since street art is ephemeral, he occasionally issues books filled with photographs of his work, accompanied by his own text.
He realized then, of course, the revolution would make better street art.
These small courtesies will give you an upbeat feeling which will help you as you continue your walk down the street.
He showed us how to light the street in the picture with the body in the rain.
It's standing room only, with crowds often spilling into the street.
When clouds appear, the street population drops by half.
Permits cover activities such as street openings, sidewalk construction and installing canopies over sidewalks.
Street vendors can add to the character and interest of a neighborhood.
Put in the street name and find out where it is located in the area.
It isn't a tourist area so there's little street food available at night.
He gazes contentedly down the street, scratching his neat goatee and watching the neighborhood kids shoot hoops in a driveway.
Think of it this way: when you walk to the local convenience store to get a squishy, you have to cross the street.
They are on the street, tending to a critically ill patient in the freezing rain.
But things are harder these days with sophisticated cameras and software that can literally identify strangers on the street.
They basically used to say you'd fall down, bubonic-plague style, in the middle of the street.
Street-embedded sensors monitor parking availability.
Iranians used social-networking sites to report on the suppression of street protests.
Parallel parking on a crowded city street is no easy task.
Less ventilation equipment, less street noise, less people talking in the background-less everything.
The giant computer maker's stately headquarters sprawls along the right side of the street, overlooking a maze of parking lots.
The company plans to sell a street version next year that includes the charger.
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