streamside in a sentence

Example sentences for streamside

Streamside campsites have fire pits and picnic tables, and the bathhouse has hot showers and flush toilets.
Breeding: brushy areas, especially dense streamside thickets.
Today the whole streamside world is clean and sparkling.
Streamside forests help maintain streamflow in summer so that fish don't lose their habitat by having it dry up on them.
Often, stream problems result from clearing streamside trees.
Start streamside repair projects that prevent entry of sediment.
In this same area, streamside revegetation efforts should begin no later than at the time of the removal of the crossing.
Streamside vegetation, known as riparian, should include a thick canopy and lush understory.
Selection of the appropriate streamside structure requires knowledge of the potential effects on fish habitat.
Streamside vegetation can also filter out pollutants before they reach the stream keeping the stream and groundwater clean.
One way to cool water temperature is to shade the water body by adding or retaining streamside vegetation.
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