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Everywhere, ponds are linked to streams, which burble over small waterfalls into still more ponds.
Then it streams the pictures or clips together into a time-lapse of your garden.
Water streams into a stone basin backed by lavender and pink penstemon.
One group counted all the streams across the glacier and categorized them into three sets of streams: large, medium or small.
Sportsmen will find a variety of streams, lakes and reservoirs, along with state parks and public lands for family recreation.
The streams start to look alike, as do the mountains.
First, there was an ample supply of water from the lake and nearby alpine streams to the north.
It's an ever-changing river that has been fed by many tributaries, streams, that is constantly moving.
These departments must depend on two funding streams-taxpayer dollars and student fees.
As the current recession eats away at endowments and chokes off state revenue streams, he will surely not be alone.
In efforts to diversify their revenue streams, the colleges welcome adults.
Then the textbook industry will need to look at alternative revenue streams to stay in business.
Collecting multiple streams of trustworthiness cues to form an aggregate of credibility is at the root of this dynamic.
Too many streams of communication, that perhaps aren't always in sync, can be as detrimental as not enough information.
The relevant measure of the degree's worth is the value added to lifetime income streams when controlling for intelligence.
And you get to pick those four from any of the tens of thousands of streams available.
But these disappearances were enough to attract streams of reporters and to draw the government's attention.
The trees shade the streams and wood-falls create lagoons that promote ideal conditions for salmon.
The pipes-and the streams of protons they are carrying-cross in the middle of each of these machines.
Walking around the village, the water in the streams is indeed an alarming rust-red.
Logging has clogged the streams where salmon once spawned.
And they lack the stable earnings streams of commercial and retail banking.
In the third courtyard, devotees of all four religions wash side by side in a fountain fed by four streams of holy water.
Standard financial theory suggests that future streams of payment should be discounted at a rate that reflects their risk.
Platforms to integrate the data streams from all kinds of sensors are another new market.
As the four streams collide they are forced into a third channel, forming layered droplets as they go.
Yet fly fishermen who rescued many hundreds of brown trout from dried up tributary streams aren't blaming the weather.
Storm runoff is not treated and flows directly into streams, lakes and other bodies of water nearby.
Follow streams across granite slabs and through meadows to any one of numerous tarns and small lakes.
Where there are salmon streams there usually are bears.
The clear streams burble over pebbles and through meadows.
The devices pumped constant streams of air into their noses so a gust of odor would not wake them.
The frog lies in wait along streams for prey including birds and insects.
Have traced the fount whence streams of nectar flow.
It was less a determined, swift river than a lacework of deltaic streams working their way along twisted channels.
Afterward the crowd streams out, filling up all the elevators.
So the collapse of these revenue streams is not the real problem.
The stories in this excellent collection meander with the sureness of streams discovering their paths.
Light streams through a skylight onto the model of the moment.
As the day wore on the streams of health and positiveness flowed once more in the dried-up channels, and she was her proper self.
The change in the heating of the atmosphere by the storms helps shift the jet streams, thereby affecting weather around the world.
They declared it unsporting to trap large game animals or to shoot them while they were crossing streams or snowbanks.
When sunlight streams from above, they choose the see-through option.
Streams of particles leave the sun every second and are launched into space.
Thus the brightest points are the surface spots where the ion streams impinge on the comet surface.
There is no need for the streams of influence themselves to be mutually held in awareness or directly compared.
In contrast, the sewage that streams in from sewer pipes contains plant matter that is high in cellulose and low in lignin.
Her first move was to devise algorithms that adapt data-heavy video streams to the capabilities of different online computers.
The company continues to develop ways to generate other revenue streams for content.
Streams, lakes and wetlands are critical areas protected from development.
Insect life in streams is more abundant, but made up of fewer different species than live in still water.
What comes jetting down upon him, however, is not water but streams of deadly gas.
The pebble streams data to a computer that keeps time and calculates caloric burn.
Rebels ferried streams of their wounded comrades into overwhelmed hospitals.
Perhaps its short-burst format encourages streams of consciousness that go tragically unedited.
One theory is that sleep allows the brain to review and consolidate all the streams of information it gathered while awake.
Desperate for new revenue streams, auctioneers have started selling basic grocery store items to help pick up the slack.
And nonprofits are under little obligation to open up their books to show where those cash streams are used.
They depend on complex, constantly changing streams of information that can't be contained by any one source.

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