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No matter how sleek and streamlined the aircraft, the human pilot couldn't put out enough power.
With a streamlined, brushed-for-softness waistband and a sleek, contoured fit.
Streamlined and strong-boned, they're proficient submariners.
They come home and receive the same ceremonies that the ancients did, but they've been streamlined somewhat.
Combine organic and architectural elements for streamlined elegance.
Streamlined vessels for bathing products help maintain the calm simplicity of the room.
He installed new appliances in the kitchen but kept to a streamlined, minimalist aesthetic.
Over the years, plans and preparations have been streamlined to accommodate tight schedules.
Anchor a crisp navy- and-white decorating scheme with a pair of streamlined armchairs.
It's streamlined from the inside out with a modernity that is more than surface deep.
Moreover, people expect streamlined transfers of information.
The company is way more streamlined now and it shows.
The proposal was streamlined and is therefore more feasible.
Avian dinosaurs-aka birds-have a streamlined way of breathing.
It is by repeated shocks that science becomes streamlined.
Not only has the theory been streamlined, so has the experimental apparatus.
Selection's made him streamlined for his liquid habitat.
Tablets can use wireless versions of those too, but those detract from the streamlined experience they offer.
In essence, the faculty panel had streamlined courses of study and cut his out in the process.
By focusing on creating streamlined communications, you also minimize the load on other people in your organization.
Good mise en place techniques will make for a more streamlined canning process.
Having a more streamlined file tree on your computer will make it easier to locate the items you actually use.
Every process on the research side of a top university, from purchasing through appointments, is streamlined.
Think of this as a streamlined and guilt-free version of scalloped potatoes.
Its streamlined curves evoke the forward-looking hopes of the machine age.
The process of producing the toxin in the laboratory has been considerably streamlined since the early days.
To overcome this problem, the team took a streamlined approach.
The gases would sweep neatly past the streamlined projectile but smack into the blunt obturator.
Resident beetles mimic the ants' appearance, or have streamlined bodies to deflect snapping jaws.
The last thing you'd want to put on a streamlined, hydrodynamic body is a dangling bag.
They have gray-green heads with streamlined, reddish-brown bodies.
Named after their spotted coats and fearsome jaws, leopard seals have large, reptilian heads and streamlined bodies.
Stretch performance fabric meets a streamlined adjustable waist and zip side pockets for easy access to gear.
Powerful fins propel the streamlined fish toward meals of smaller fish and squid-and away from hungry sharks.
And in the ocean's watery world, the streamlined shark has every advantage.
Flat lock construction of the seams keeps these shorts streamlined and lightweight while long, lean panels provide compression.
To keep a bigger brain functioning, some other organ or system needed to become more streamlined.
Artists cranked out gorgeous paintings of streamlined aircraft that would make flying a wonderful experience.
Streamlined cuffs lie flat, resist line snagging and seal out water.
These lightweight, high-performance snowshoes have a streamlined deck shape for tight situations.
The more streamlined the web design, the easier for the user to understand.
The permitting process has already been streamlined.
Through streamlined styling and syncopated rhythms, they captured the vitality of contemporary urban experience.
It has introduced leaner flight operations and streamlined ticketing.
S/he will have led professional development and training of staff toward more streamlined, responsive decision making.
As prime minister, he quickly streamlined the bureaucracy and brought order to chaotic public finances.
The review process for new projects would be streamlined to reduce delays.
It recommended that plans to purchase or lease land for future outposts be streamlined.
The streamlined setting features hardwood floors, white leather booths, recessed lighting and bright yellow walls.
The wreath surrounding the crest also is being streamlined.
The streamlined setting includes stark white walls, white leather chairs and modern light fixtures.
The streamlined setting includes a full bar, granite-top tables and patio seating.
The restaurant includes a streamlined interior with hardwood floors, recessed lighting and stark white chairs.
Or you could go the streamlined, headache-free route.
Manufacturers have improved the user experience, with streamlined interfaces and apps that use your smartphone as a remote.
The site continues to host and index torrent files in a more streamlined fashion.
The traditionally loose seersucker blazer now has a streamlined fit.
Their reforms were powerful because they used the market, streamlined government and empowered individuals.
The complex field of health-care information may soon be a little more streamlined.

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