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Example sentences for streamline

If there's the possibility of opening an account, this would streamline the process as you could do wire transfers bank-to-bank.
But as colleges and universities try to streamline the hiring process, phone interviews are commonplace.
Businesses are beginning to turn to artificially intelligent bots to streamline their warehouses and distribution centers.
But as new technologies come along to streamline the online learning environment, he expects those experiences to improve.
If this is enlarged with minimal loss of streamline you can even go faster, or use your strength more efficiently.
Several colleges and universities were cited for their efforts to streamline and improve the transfer process.
Others streamline internal administration of programs and people.
The government is part-way through a huge project to slim the bureaucracy and streamline official procedures.
Aeon began to cut off inefficient wholesalers and streamline its logistical system.
There are ways to streamline the law and make it less litigious that would not come at the expense of its core values and purpose.
Your other job is to figure out how to streamline your life so you're not so overwhelmed all the time.
Therefore, his goal is to streamline the tax to eliminate government support of favored industries in order to stimulate growth.
The objective: to streamline traffic and virtually eliminate highway accidents.
Slang can streamline or lend poetry to language, or both.
Apples' offering as a company is to streamline existing products, and to brand them as desirable and cool.
It may also streamline distribution, reduce the cost of sales promotions, and improve profitability.
To streamline the process, they devised automated programs so the model could run itself from a single script.
The political will exists to streamline and clarify these regs, and to prevent food companies from finding loopholes.
Wonder if there is an under used resource somewhere that could hugely streamline the process of communicating with them.
But giving physicians access to the right information at the right time could dramatically streamline medical care.
His first response was a plan to streamline management, reducing the company's white-collar ranks through attrition.
If successful, the group said it would streamline operations and focus on exclusive merchandise.
The measure is intended to streamline the multilayered and vast state apparatus.
Resources are used to change aspects of each streamline plot.
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