streambed in a sentence

Example sentences for streambed

The bottom of the pole rests on the streambed, and markings along its length reveal the water's depth.
The fossil was found during road construction that revealed an ancient streambed.
If there were any hands raised, teach them that stream flow is entirely dependent upon the gradient of the streambed.
On benches above the streambed, yellow and pink blooms of prickly pear cactus herald the spring.
Cross the streambed and climb the switchbacks on the eucalyptus-covered ridge.
After about an hour and a half of walking, the streambed suddenly disappeared.
But they were found in the streambed, not by digging.
The bottom of the new culverts are five feet below the natural level of the streambed.
Total chromium in streambed sediments and total recoverable sodium in water were highly correlated with the fish community.
Some insecticides have persisted in streambed sediment and fish tissue, although their use has been banned or restricted.
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