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Example sentences for streak

These acrobats stir up a pair of scarlet macaws that fly off in a red streak to a quieter tree.
The loser's brain presents a different pattern-that he's due for a winning streak.
Light caramel and fresh apple flavors with a good streak of crispness.
Now the question is how the company can continue its winning streak under new leadership.
There is no doubt that the character of our society has long been influenced by a streak of individualism.
His approach to the press has often been fierce, and he has a nasty streak.
Individuals who migrate to the sea lose their distinctive pink streak for a silver look.
With a pastry brush, quickly and lightly streak filo sheet with butter.
But his independent streak got him into trouble as well.
Most foreign investors will be able to live with this policy, despite its streak of xenophobia.
One of my colleagues has a definite paranoid streak.
Its tight-knit, independent streak dates back centuries.
According to the data, it appears that the elephants streak across this area.
Rockets streak through space to place satellites there.
The real worry should be that more power could encourage his authoritarian streak.
Running upward and slightly forward from the umbo is a reddish-yellow streak produced by the manubrium of the malleus.
But trying to ride a three-point streak is often bad strategy.
Over the rocky levels of the mountain was a streak of rust-colored air.
The metal of the flatbed shows a long wash of blood, and trickles of blood streak the license plate.
Obedient but with a wild streak, the sled dogs are actually eager to be harnessed and start patrolling.
The evidence takes the form of a seasonally-varying streak on a crater face.
If there was a creative streak in his family it was for music.
She had a stubborn streak of pride and righteousness.
No rival wants to be accused of breaking this streak.
When traders are on a winning streak, their testosterone levels surge, sparking such euphoria that they underestimate risk.
So you could have a lucky streak and get back much more than you put in, or you could lose the lot.
Colleagues describe a nocturnal control freak with a stubborn streak.
But he is actually a workaholic with an obsessive-compulsive streak.
After all, nobody likes to think they have no jocular streak.
Every modest winning streak was apparently a setup for another fall.
The longest winning streak in the history of intercollegiate varsity sports has ended.
He's on a three-game winning streak in which he has one shutout and has only allowed three goals in that streak.
At times guys got frustrated because he didn't have a mean streak.

Famous quotes containing the word streak

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