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When one of them says something really silly, there is strawberry jam, too.
Strawberry growers don't generally keep hives because strawberry pollination occurs primarily via wind and gravity.
Rather, strawberry plants evolved through natural selection.
We have made wonderful smoked salty chocolate, salty caramel, and strawberry pink peppercorn sorbet.
In deep spring into early summer, strawberry-rhubarb crumbles connect me to the season.
Her mouth had tasted of strawberry wine, hot and sweet.
He was short and skinny with a yellowish brown skin and the typical strawberry nose of an alcoholic.
Foote had long strawberry-blond hair, which he combed straight back, and a bushy blond mustache.
Their eyes are as pink as strawberry ice cream, and their scaly skin is snow white.
We next see him wearing a strawberry-blond wig and a summer dress.
He dug the hole, in a spot where there were no strawberry plants, before he studied the pigeons.
Beneath a creamy layer of tapioca pudding lurks a silky strawberry base.
At the first, the fruits were speared onto toothpicks: a cherry with almonds, a strawberry pinned to an anchovy.
Pick-your-own farms usually offer apples, peaches and strawberry picking throughout the year.
For dessert, a tiramisu or strawberry trifle is great the next day.
Globe-trotters can experience flavors that go far beyond the standard chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry.
Caviar, asparagus, and slices of strawberry are arranged artfully on a plate.
Evergreen strawberry trees, along with mastic and other common shrubs, resprout following fire.
The participants sweat and sweat, sipping water once, eating a single strawberry apiece.
The photograph before me was taken a year or so ago, cut to fit my wallet, his strawberry blond hair pulled back in a ponytail.
And to get you in the mood, here's an easy strawberry jam.
For an edible treat, tie a bow around a dwarf citrus tree or a cluster of strawberry plants.
Crisp, light, and airy meringues get filled with strawberry frozen yogurt for a special occasion.
Strawberry hemangiomas usually grow quickly, stay the same size, and then go away.
For the last six weeks the strawberry patch in my backyard has not only given me magnificent fruit, but also great pleasure.
The quality of strawberry fruit is greatly influenced by temperature during the growing season.
And, of course, you sit in his tiny country store with a loaf of white bread and big bottles of strawberry soda to eat it.
For example, say you exert self-control by avoiding strawberry shortcake and opting for asparagus instead.

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