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Example sentences for stratification

Prevailing social stratification conditions consciousness.
The remedy was a proper stratification of society through a strong-armed government.
And throughout history this stratification into castes continues.
As in many developing countries, dress styles indicate social stratification.
Most lakes go through a process called thermal stratification.
Instead of wearing thin they wear thick, and in their stratification have no small geological significance.
None of this is to deny the existence of social stratification and elite structures here.
If you look, you will find that there is a large stratification of wealth in this country.
One of the points in the paper is that there is both geographic and caste stratification.
Yes, stratification is necessary to reward citizens who study and work harder than others.
The result is a clear stratification of life-forms according to their mix of pigments.
Ergo an inherited meritocracy quickly becomes social stratification.
Stratification means there is little mixing of layers at different depths of the ocean.
They contain evidence of crossbedding-that is, of stratification at an angle to the main plane of sedimentation.
We're already starting to see the stratification that results from these policies.

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