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Continue to develop an energy reduction plan and strategy.
Instead, it seemed that every idea and action was contrived extemporaneously, and without scheme or strategy.
For this point must be borne constantly in mind-the money spent to date was spent with a view only to strategy.
The best strategy is to shake snow off or knock it off with a broom to keep it from building up.
The little upstart believes that it has a winning strategy.
It has also, at long last, settled on a medium-term strategy.
Diversification proved a highly successful strategy for some large companies.
But although he was desperate for an exit strategy, he faced constant resistance from his generals.
Few firms nowadays think about strategy without adding a bit of game theory.
Another useful strategy is to shed projects that are not central to a start-up's business.
Every car maker purports to have a global strategy these days.
Again, the shorting ban disrupted that strategy, forcing managers to cut their long positions as well as their shorts.
Based on what is known about dinosaur lives, this strategy made evolutionary sense.
Authority is centralized and the leader's best strategy for management avoids delegation of authority.
None of them photographed a general's strategy, or the tactics of a platoon.
Archaeological sites are interesting because they really conflict with military strategy.
Not a good longterm strategy to ensure the highest quality environment.
Other investigators advocate an even more back to basics strategy.
Though possible in theory, it is highly improbable that this would ever become a practical strategy to extend length of life.
But for that behavior to continue in some frequency in future generations, it needs to be an evolutionarily stable strategy.
We are now using this same strategy on other proteins.
The last two decades of strikeouts in microbicide prevention studies could have put this particular strategy into question.
Basic strategy is a mathematically calculated optimum way to play your hand in every situation.
Dillon's basic strategy is to make hearty fare with enough sharp and salty accents that it doesn't feel too hearty.
The key to the success of any community-relations program, whatever your strategy, rests on sincerity.
Academic wardrobe selection can involve ideology, discipline, and job-hunting strategy.
But when it came to finding a new job with her master's degree in library and information studies, her strategy backfired.
Interrupt and redirect seems to be the best strategy.
The panel is expected to recommend a general strategy soon.
Moreover, the study found that one-on-one coaching was a cost-effective strategy.
From the beginning, it was packaged and peddled as one balmy destination-a strategy that worked.
He pointed to the rediscovery of an old-school campaign strategy as one major reason for this year's increased participation.
Faced with so many predators, group defense may well be the best strategy for snakes.
Some of the largest flying birds today, such as condors and eagles, pursue a similar strategy.
Now the company hopes to spread the halo effect to a more esoteric genre: strategy games.
Read the full collection of the campaign's strategy memos and emails.
Nothing in the networked world overcomes the uncertainty inherent in any diplomacy or foreign policy strategy.
Yet, for a low-price fast food chain, such a strategy might have raised some eyebrows.
Right now, the academic literature suggests that value investing has a modest advantage over a broader market strategy.
From the real estate market's standpoint this strategy is also positive.
The strategy seems hopelessly inadequate to solve a problem of this magnitude.
But in cases where the status quo involves systemic injustice this is no more than a temporary strategy.
But this was more than a failure of tactics: it was a failure of strategy.
And it was not merely about strategy-the backbiting that always consumes losing campaigns.
But the current tight-money strategy is making every country a loser.
Whatever the merits of these policies they are based on a long-standing, but still mostly secret, strategy.
It is simply to argue against changing one's fundamental political strategy because of the danger of repression.
At the heart of modern theories of nuclear strategy lies the premise of accuracy.
Years of waiting has taught them patience, the cornerstone of their strategy.
While the strategy originated in the industry, it could not be implemented without the complicity of the medical profession.
But comparative research on effectiveness is only part of the strategy to improve care.
But what is of lasting interest is their similar strategy for meeting the charge of extremism.
At less selective private colleges, increasing the size of the student body is a dubious strategy.
The decision was part of a broader strategy to pull the plug on its entire independent arm.
It was there that they started hammering out the settlement strategy.
He turned to the grease board to go over strategy one more time, but then he stopped.
Perhaps some day another animal will evolve a new strategy that will let it get even bigger than a blue whale.
And when you fail, you have to go back and devise a new strategy or try new tactics.
Most scams make absurd claims as a strategy to attract week minds.
Only if conception occurs, however, do the evolutionary benefits of such a strategy overcome its costs.
As a result, natural selection should favor a different strategy for their genes.
Elixir is not alone in the hunt for an antiaging compound, nor is regulating metabolism the only smart life-prolonging strategy.
The strategy suggested qualities that weren't supposed to occur in the lower orders: foresight, planning, perhaps even tool use.
On the scale of seconds to hours, the brain must use some other strategy.
Both aspects of this strategy can be provided by remembering a bush's position.
How cloud computing is shaping strategy at one of the world's largest outsourcing companies.
If so, the strategy could be useful for later-stage degeneration, when the existing retina has lost much of its function.
The only strategy that works is to be the low cost producer of the commodity.
Their model shows that in a changing environment, revisiting old haunts on a regular basis is not the best strategy for a forager.

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