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They strapped me in by an open door, flew low, flew high over the areas that were interesting.
Not to mention how much worse the fall down the stars would become with this strapped to your body.
The erroneous collection left many students strapped for cash or overdrawn.
Wires from those sensors ran through a small preamplifier box strapped to his lower back and then to a nearby computer.
His cash-strapped country even devoted a series of oceanographic expeditions to the idea.
It will create much needed revenue for a cash-strapped treasury.
As the cost of campaigns continues to soar, these people have become more important to cash-strapped political parties.
That's part of what the bus trip was about: a siren's song to those strapped to the mast to come out and play.
That's a huge break for cash-strapped families in a weak recovery.
Nearly every house is a castle built on steeples of rock, and every farmer toiling in his field has a rifle strapped to his back.
Giant boosters strapped to a rocket ship or built into it blast gallons upon gallons of fuel to propel the rocket into space.
He pilots a motorized wheelchair by blowing into a sip-and-puff tube, his pale hands strapped to the armrests.
The view from a pair of cameras strapped to your body is different from the perspective of an observer even a short distance away.
Some cash-strapped farmers are now members of road-building crews.
Nearby, in a storage room beside the vault, an ordinary-looking red fire extinguisher was strapped to the wall.
In the execution room, the restraints will be removed and he will be strapped to a table.
Cash-strapped builders are struggling to compete with deeply discounted foreclosures and short sales.
School dropouts will have to cope with a life of cash-strapped insecurity.
But the cash-strapped government is hardly in a position to make any concessions to special interests.
Insiders say cheap and burly shearers did well in the recession, as cash-strapped customers cut back on frippery.
The drinks industry is used to being seen as an easy touch by cash-strapped governments.
Municipalities typically sign up because they are strapped for cash.
Resources-strapped governments will make alliances with resources-rich countries.
Some cash-strapped cities have decided to get creative.
Companies, strapped for cash and chastened by recession, will focus more on execution.
Among cash-strapped family-run companies, gloom is turning into pessimism.
These must be paid by the authors, a significant expense for cash-strapped university departments.
Cash-strapped companies are skimping on research and development.
To start with, they are crucial to the finances of cash-strapped universities.
Then, the cash-strapped government gave shares in natural-resource companies to a group of oligarchs in return for loans.
Local mayors were welcoming them in to help finance projects no longer supported by the cash-strapped central government.
Putting state-owned companies on the block would bring extra money to cash-strapped budgets as well as improving efficiency.
It did not resist as they fanned out its wings and strapped it down with medical tape.
He had himself strapped to a board and hung from the ceiling while a medic siphoned off his blood.
Sure, they've got guitars strapped over their shoulders and anticipation in their eyes.
Strapped consumers have long prioritized paying their mortgage before their credit cards.
Several listings have come from the cash-strapped real estate and infrastructure sectors, and were perceived as overpriced.
Your ankles are strapped into half-moon-shaped foot cuffs lined with canvas.
Not a huge difference, but cash-strapped consumers are searching for every kind of bargain these days.
For many cash-strapped municipalities, mail-balloting is a less expensive alternative to renting and staffing polling stations.
Top caps must be strapped or shrinkwrapped onto the pallet.
The slabs are transported vertically on storage racks strapped to the bed of the truck.
Strapped vane types are preferred where low jitter and short pulse operation is needed.
They are notorious for catching hold of the kelp on ascent and, if strapped on the calf, can be difficult to reach.
Wolverine hair snare, consisting of a barbed wire-wrapped wooden fence post strapped to a tree.

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