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Her purse was hanging by a long strap over her shoulder.
They are top-loading bags with a long strap to sling the bag onto your back, ensuring that all your belongings stay in place.
We used a ratchet strap to secure the boxes in the back of the truck.
But after the exhibition closed, he repainted the dropped strap, putting it back into its proper place.
If they had a top, the scourge-stick and leather-strap should be left to their own making and fitting.
The same thumb damage can result during a fall while skiing, from the torque of the pole strap.
If you get a poster tube with a strap it is easy to carry as well.
The different styles have different strap possibilities, and all are pretty infinitely adjustable.
When the muscles and connective tissue have been compromised, the strap can hold the joint stable.
We do not strap our dogs to the tops of cars in this state.
Then he pulled the strap tight under my chin and secured my goggles.
She's wearing a silver lame dress held up by one shoulder strap.
He brought in gifts from the royal couple-an engraved box and a coral amulet suspended from a leather strap.
The neckline was asymmetric, and one strap seemed to have slipped from the shoulder.
Before venturing outside, the astronauts strap themselves into lumbering padded suits made from what appears to be gold lamé.
In an emergency, someone wishing to leave in a hurry would strap on the backpack and jump, pulling a ring as he did so.
The strap around the subject's head contains electrodes that pick up brain waves.
Her hair was pulled back with a little leather strap.
There is a whole lot of coolness going on here, so strap in.
The brakes wore out and the foot strap ripped apart under constant use.
Carrying options include thick shoulder strap and secure belt strap connection.
Carrying options include handle, padded shoulder strap, or rear strap to slide over luggage handle.
That, coupled with the ankle strap, really seemed to be the clincher for sport sandal success.
Strap holder has an interlocking bump with the strap end, so it's always in the right spot on the strap.
The bag features an interior zip pocket as well as leather handles and a shoulder strap.
Feet attach with an elastic strap that can be worn with outdoor shoes.
Carrying options include thick shoulder strap or handle.
The flexible, ratchet-lock strap allows for quick adjustment.
Users strap on a backpack containing a battery and microprocessor, then bionic legs with motorized joints at the hips and knees.
In the winter, visitors can strap on skis to take on downhill slopes or cross-country trails.
We're looking forward to getting a chance to strap on snowshoes and find out for ourselves.
The bowler, nestled in a red-and-blue hatbox closed with a leather strap, looked brand new.
In restaurants and bars, keep your bag on your lap at all times or slip the leg of your chair through the strap of your bag.
She ties a leather strap around my can and puts it on my back.
Pack a camera strap lock or bicycle-style lock as an alternative to using a hostel locker.
The strap should keep the pole from sliding if you release the pole, but not be so tight as to inhibit movement or circulation.
The backpack should rest comfortably on your shoulders and the waist strap should rest on your hips.
Strap under the seat to fasten to bleachers and convenient carrying handle.
The oddly-spelled accessory is simply a silicone-rubber ball with a strap that slips over and secures to your bike-stem.
Then simply place them under your boots, locate the screw-heads between the grips of the shoes and strap into place.
Take your existing bike, and strap your tripod to its rack.
The strap is even cleverer, and once you have gotten used to it, easy to deploy.
The pictures alone on this foodie's wiki-paradise are enough to make you want to strap on your apron and start sautéing.
Employees installing ridge poles and rafters can use strap anchors and bolt-on anchors.
Drill pilots on center line of stud, insert screws through punched holes in strap.
Tighten the strap until it is snug, so that no more than one or two fingers fit under the strap.
Make sure the helmet is comfortable and snug-keep it level on your head and keep the chin strap buckled and secure.
Some commercially made devices allow a strap to be secured directly over the injury site.
Cuts may occur with band-it strap as well as with cutting shears.
The strap system described above is designed to work when anchored at floor level.
To help prevent injuries and deaths, high chairs should have a waist strap and a strap that runs between the legs.
If your restraint system uses a tie-down strap, adjust it to remove all the slack when the restraint system is used.
The glove is dark brown on the top and palm sides with a yellow wrist strap.
Strap on the plastic guitar, then with the fingers on your left hand, hold down a colored button.

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