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The firm has a huge advertising budget and a stranglehold on diamond distribution channels.
The stranglehold has gotten even tighter over the years.
There is no way to keep the unions in check without breaking their stranglehold over the general public.
However well intended left reformism is, under the stranglehold of local and world capital it is doomed to fail.
It would also put a major stranglehold on reckless spending.
The biggest problem is that the two political parties have such a stranglehold that they are able to dictate all legislation.
But that is due in no small part to the stranglehold oil has on our society, it is not due solely to the actual merits of oil.
Sadly for the railroads, time and technology ate away at their virtual stranglehold on interstate commerce.
Politics today, under the stranglehold of extremists, sorely lacks empathy.
The two major parties have a stranglehold on government, lamentably.
It will not be that long till the stranglehold of taxes cause a slow down of spending.
These people desperately want to take their communities back from the stranglehold that crime has put on them.
The combination has the potential to create one company with a stranglehold on all segments of the concert business.
Gangs have a stranglehold on this community through crack cocaine sales.
The foothold invasive plants have gained may turn into a stranglehold without considerable intervention.
Our duty should be to provide tools and support to help them overcome the stranglehold addiction has placed on their lives.
The lenders are fortifying their stranglehold of the appraisal business.
We need a measure that aims to reduce this stranglehold.
Standards are the stranglehold of education in their current form.

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