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Example sentences for strangled

Indigenous entrepreneurs were starved of funds and strangled with red tape.
Opposition to it was fierce and it was almost strangled at birth.
The markets for new energy sources are being strangled by government support for old energy sources.
Subsequent reports have suggested he was electrocuted or strangled.
Struggling search engines are either strangled or bought.
Every spring, you can hear the strangled screams of mutual fund shareholders as they do their taxes.
Upon which they strangled him, and gave out that he died after a short sickness.
The world that was here before us is cut into fragments and strangled.
She had been strangled with a nylon stocking which had been tied around her neck.
He was strangled with a cord of sinew, which left clear marks around his neck.
The truth is that our system is so strangled from government tinkering that it is no longer a functioning market.
Sure, the church woke me up, but someday it might wake me up from a nightmare of being strangled by a rainbow.
She had been strangled by a bolo tie, still around her neck.
We are strangled by this maze, which is at enormous cost to the private sector and seems to only grow day by day.
Recycling also protects wildlife because plastic bags can be dangerous to animals that ingest them or are strangled by them.
He also told us that many times he had strangled prisoners with his own hands.
He was strangled when the drawstring on the hooded sweatshirt that he was wearing became stuck on a play ground set.

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