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But lately it seems that the strangest celestial bodies come in a medium size.
We've got more on the history of aerogel, among the strangest of solids.
His strangest supernaturalisms, too, turn out in the end to have rested on acts of nature which science can explain.
The strangest of these errors is one which the present writer has never seen noticed.
The strangest part of this middle portion of the film was the appearance of several well-known marine reptile experts.
By far the strangest aspect of this report was the reported locomotion.
But now researchers have identified one of the strangest of all, a new species of jellyfish.
Once upon a time, dark matter was the strangest, hardest to fathom material in the universe.
And yet-strangest of all-she lived practically yesterday.
But now researchers have identified one of the strangest of all-a new species of jellyfish.
The strangest sights of the deep come to the surface in these bizarre and fascinating videos.
And then there's the strangest discovery of all: one figure whose face is painted green.
But this has to be one of the strangest digital blockades to date.
The strangest thing about the scene may be that fellow students don't even find it strange.
It may be the longest, strangest trip you ever take.
His story itself seems unlikely but his enthusiasm never wanes, even in the face of the strangest adversity.
The declamatory nature of the dialogue doesn't add texture, nor does what is some of the strangest dubbing in movie history.
It is also among the strangest operations surgeons perform.
Yet the strangest thing on the menu is not chicken at all, but seaweed.
It was the strangest combination: communists raising capital to stay in business in a religious setting.
Strangest of all, in a writer of such moral depth, is his coldness toward questions of religion.
Eight-legged molecule may be the strangest--and biggest--new quantum phenom on the block.
Whiptail lizards are a fairly ordinary-looking bunch, but some species are among the strangest animals around.
It is, as it sounds, the strangest travel book ever written.
Describe the strangest thing you have learned about your host country.
It's a weird-looking place, that's for sure, but the strangest thing about it is that there's no gravity.
Grayling have one of the strangest, but prettiest dorsal fins of any fish.

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