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It was strange it was there, and it's even stranger it's gone.
As strange as modern whales are, their fossil predecessors were even stranger.
After two centuries of paleontological harvest, the evidence seems stranger than any fable, and continues to get stranger.
It gave me insight on how someone can be manipulated by a stranger or family or friend.
It might be from a parallel universe, or something even stranger than that.
We've heard the phrase about truth being stranger than fiction.
The first topic of conversation was a behavior known as altruism: selflessly helping a stranger.
Because truth is almost always stranger than fiction.
The arrests come in a state that is no stranger to political corruption.
As strange as quantum mechanics is, it could be stranger.
Stranger still, this view seems to be shared by a good proportion of business leaders.
And that's when the exchange took an even stranger turn.
The kindness of friends and a stranger would light his way to the future.
But to find such a little thing is harder than finding larger, stranger planets.
The world is far stranger than our intuition would have us believe.
This, to a stranger, would appear to fit well with the copper-wire hair and the close eyes.
Perhaps this is the real spell that pro football casts, and explains why it is a stranger to romance.
Even stranger is the lack of attention given to foreign affairs by the candidates themselves.
Even a well-meaning stranger, misjudging age or appearance, can step on mines.
Older bones found deeper in the caves are stranger and much smaller.
There's a really long wait, but then a stranger shows up with a ticket he says he needs to give away because he's claustrophobic.
She would miss her mountain home too much and have to marry a stranger when she already has someone she loves.
Thou hast brought the distant near and made a brother of the stranger.
And one may not ask for an invitation to a luncheon or a dinner for a stranger.
On nearer approach, he was still more surprised at the singularity of the stranger's appearance.
On nearer approach he was still more surprised at the singularity of the stranger's appearance.
The true history was far stranger even than the myth.
The stranger, however, quickened his horse to an equal pace.
Stopping your taxi to light a stranger's cigarette wasn't strange at all.
The stranger awakes and begins to speak in an unknown tongue.
Strange as this looks from a practical standpoint, it's even stranger in theory.
Buy a drink and you now have the opportunity to send one as a gift to a friend or a random stranger.
It is one of those moments when the context you've constructed falls apart, and gives way to a new, considerably stranger one.
They remain calm in his presence but grow consternated when they catch the stink of a stranger.
My own field of research, the quest for a unified theory, is no stranger to uncertainty.
Strange, but it's even stranger when the same people enter the room, but are a bit more animated.
It is acceptable, though not mandatory, to look unobtrusively at a stranger's tattoos.
But they continue to rise, lately taking stranger and stranger shapes.
The quantum zeno effect is one of the stranger and more fascinating consequences of quantum mechanics.
Stranger objects are likely to be found, since astronomers are only on the edge of discovering this vast new terrain.
Stranger still, every eruption of inflation would create a new bubble of space and energy.
Stranger still, they gave people a muscle relaxant, also calling it a stimulant.
Those people may be the ones to dive into the science, ask the silly questions and investigate the stranger sides of things.
Falling really slowly is probably an even stranger sensation than weightlessness.
But the company is less a stranger to cloud computing than it may seem.
It is the convenient sweet spot on the street, and can turn any stranger into a servant.
It is no exaggeration to say that her poems get larger and stranger and more overwhelming with every reading.
But there was also a natural sympathy working in his favor, given the fact that he is blind and no stranger to hardship.
Now it's becoming surprisingly hip to hand over your keys to a stranger on a scooter.
We turned her over to a stranger, who proceeded to perform a procedure that was probably not pleasant.
The stranger format begins with several lines of header information that are meant to be machine-readable.
Tell him or her to never talk, take candy, or go with a stranger without your consent.

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