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At their best, science fiction and theology can leave us awestruck before the unutterable strangeness and vastness of the cosmos.
There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.
Romanticism is a short cut to the strangeness without the reality, and it leads its disciples only back upon themselves.
But they're fascinated by the unending strangeness of the mindless, evil beeping.
The strangeness of quantum reality is far from the only argument against the old model of reality.
Finally, she lets him partner her, but their duet has a note of strangeness and difficulty.
And then there was the strangeness of what could be read.
Above all else, modern fantasy is the literature of strangeness.
The ideal landscape was always a cultivated one, in such accounts, and mountains were full of strangeness and danger.
Instead the tableau had a theatrical strangeness and a new kind of perplexing social resonance.
The second category involves the study of the weak interaction between quarks in the strangeness-conserving sector.
It is still not clear whether strangeness saturation factor should be unity.

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