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These strangely beautiful devices are monuments to humankind's resolve to learn about the universe.
Strangely, though, traces of this kind of feeding behavior are rare.
Strangely, one of the early paintings arguably became more famous than the actual mural itself.
Strangely, though, the dinosaurs of last book are not drawn in as much detail.
Her legs start to feel numb, and her jeans turn strangely stiff.
Strangely, however, observations of the star clumps indicate that they instead fall into two distinct types.
Signs of writing were strangely lacking, however, except for some controversial claims based on limited imagery.
Generally he does not react strangely to any other sounds.
Thus, the article strikes me as strangely biased, even if the results of the original study are not sufficiently substantiated.
Strangely, her fainting episodes coincided with eating sandwiches and drinking fizzy beverages.
Strangely, the resistance grew in steps that were too small to be explained by the motions of individual electrons.
Strangely, individuals also seem to have the right to choose to remain ignorant.
Strangely, they don't sing it and if they do it's a complete different song.
He provided a remark as the basis for rejection, which strangely did not refer anything at all in the paper itself.
Solids have lots of such things, many of which behave strangely.
Strangely enough, the alleged culprits aren't new buildings but new trees.
There was something strangely touching about her fingertips.
Suddenly a fox-acting strangely aggressive for no apparent reason-burst out of the nearby woods and headed straight for the kids.
It's all so rhythmic and strangely soothing to watch.
Even though the war on terror has revitalized the base's purpose, the mood was strangely lethargic.
Even though construction was still going on, it was strangely quiet.
The violence has a psychic hold on the city, yet is strangely elusive to visitors.
The mystery of a bloated but strangely cold star has been solved.
Bowers has been strangely silent himself and his agent has been predictably rosy.
Strangely, it is this last quality that may have the deepest effect on the way people live.
Given that a huge sovereign default could occur in scarcely more than a month, there is strangely little nervousness.
For one of infinite knowledge, he was strangely careless how he spread what bits of it to whom.
It is also a strangely static notion that hardly seems appropriate to the dynamics of capitalism.
Strangely enough donations to the player designers are allowed.
Strangely, the people who have displaced the cowboys seem eager to hear that message.
But many of the tea-partiers have invented a strangely ahistorical version of it.
Prisoners may vote if they are doing time for non-payment of fines or, strangely, contempt of court.
Some of the attendees seemed strangely out of place.
Yet it remains strangely complacent about its ignorance about other cultures.
Either age, in such a connection, is strangely removed from the precocious.
Often, the decisive cause would seem to be quality, but with a strangely inverted application.
For to strange sores strangely they strain the cure.
These powers of body and mind have in the past been strangely wasted, dispersed, or forgotten.
Yet observe, line for line and almost word for word, how strangely they differ from prose.
Strangely, it isn't as culturally diverse as one might think.
One thing stood out as odd and strangely in conflict with her position as a literature professor.
Strangely, for one so active in our field and so collaborative, he remained a loner.
It's strangely comforting--since the discouraging lyrics are matched with pretty hopeful feeling music.
Strangely, the brighter more thoughtful students seem to sense that things were not always this way.
All this, strangely, should be of comfort to applicants.
It is strangely easy to forget that they were capable of complex engineering, though so many of their monuments still stand.
But their voices have been strangely absent from the narrative this cycle.
Strangely, it is the less affluent countries that are moving faster toward explicit priority-setting in health care.
Strangely enough, on the face of it, an amateur literary stylist is less likely to do that than a professional scholar.
His body odor was said to be strangely sharp, wholly atypical of chimpanzees.
The bad news is that it remains excruciatingly slow, and the rate of rejections is high-strangely high.
Brad stepped outside in the storm's lull, in the strangely luminous air, to see if he could spot any branches fallen on his lines.
It is strangely schizophrenic: at once intellectually stimulating and emotionally static.
Rather, in relying on familiar genres, he also leans on their visual clichés-and his method strangely carries over to performance.
But somehow she remembers it so vividly, so strangely, so much more than the winter that went before or the winter the came after.
Strangely, though, it may instead have brought about an upturn in his fortunes.
His head was crushed and his legs were strangely folded behind him, and a small pile of rubbish was gathering around him.
It may not all be jazz, but it is all strangely absorbing.
Television has a strangely muting effect on a lot of this stuff.
The technology was primitive by modern standards but also strangely precocious.
Strangely, later large impacts may have caused the structure to be broken into pieces.
It's a strangely exciting time, considering how little is happening, desktop-wise.
Strangely enough, the new install wouldn't read any of my backups either.
It's an odd skull at that, one that would have housed a strangely shaped brain a third the size of a normal adult human brain.
Strangely enough, beauty is also a truth-and-rightness meter, and science and technology could not exist without it.
She can't grab toys, she walks strangely, and often falls when jumping up on things.
But the real showstopper is the strangely close lunar approach, or perigee, two weeks earlier.
And strangely enough, about one tenth of the patients with proven epilepsy also manifest pseudo-seizures.
But, strangely, the descendants of these aborigines are not known for being particularly tall.
Strangely, the cells closest to the bacteria appear to be protected from the toxins.
Those people hadn't seen the birth certificate of any other president either, but strangely, they didn't have a problem with that.
The family tree of tapeworms they got was strangely ancient and alien.
One reason: they're strangely similar in genetic makeup to humans.
Yet the rocks looked at closely by the rovers have been strangely devoid of them.
No one will ever postulate a paranormal explanation if their computer behaves strangely.
Strangely all three have stated that were religion simply a personal matter they would not be as outspoken about it as they are.
The somehow strangely funny point about this is that everyone wants to preserve.
My horoscope this morning said that a video recording of a liar caught in an earthquake would leave me strangely aroused.
But his fiancée is strangely altered and her family's fortunes have suffered a spectacular decline.
The idioms of duty and utility are strangely mixed in that sentence.
He might even allow the book's central achievement: the coherent charting of how the art so strangely emerged from the life.
Strangely enough, at a time when modesty seems required, all sides have declared victory.
And the language is strangely similar for people from different ethnic groups.
In spite of her sadness that day, she looked strangely triumphant.
For answers, we've compared the two couples in hopes of gleaning information about their strangely parallel trajectories.
The bathrooms are strangely graffiti-free, and contain no hint of the in-house commentary a visitor might wish to see.
He was also a strangely self-defeating character-alcoholic, remote, and persistently broke.
The parade of well-wishers who came to view the strangely beautiful aftermath proved nearly as exotic.
In some respects the two movies are strangely complementary.
But increasingly these dysfunctional bureaucracies are of interest only to strangely fixated people.
As partners, they would prove to be strangely suited to the huge task they had begun.
Strangely, that word would pop up again before week's end.
The anniversary was marked in a peculiar but strangely appropriate way.
In particular, they found my response strangely cold.
It was a strangely serene and businesslike display of exultation.
Strangely enough, the bracelets might be a benefit for the pros.
In this poem, disaster strangely invades the ordinary.
Rabid animals often behave strangely after the virus attacks their brains.
Keep an eye out for suspicious or unattended bags or people acting strangely.
Hunters should not handle or eat any deer that appears sick or acts strangely.
If you see an animal acting strangely, report it to your local animal control department and do not go near it yourself.
Stay away from any animal that's acting strangely, and let your neighbors know about its presence in the area.
Strangely shaped trees cast long shadows on the sides of the simple wooden ranch structures.
Sometimes disease will cause an animal to behave strangely.
No, but stay away from wildlife and animals acting strangely.
If you see a wild animal acting strangely, report it to our department.
If a wild or domestic animal is seen as ill or acting strangely, it should be reported to your local animal control agency.

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