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The owners of a stranded communication satellite said today that they would pay the space agency to rescue it.
Thousands of people are stranded there and waiting for flights.
Too small to escape the waves with his family, he was stranded on a coral reef.
Maybe it would be better to be stranded with a baker.
His only physical evidence was the beak, collected from the remains of a stranded specimen that had recently washed ashore.
After accidentally discovering an alien artifact, the space miner finds himself stranded on an asteroid, his co-workers missing.
Several hikers sought safety inside public toilets and were later stranded as the water spilled over the trails.
The boats have been used to rescue stranded trucks but now sit idle.
Rescuers in helicopters and boats are searching for the stranded in the wake of the storm.
Working alone or in a group, orcas create waves that dislodge a floe, break it up and wash the stranded prey into open water.
If you ever do run out of juice, though, you wont be stranded.
His father, who was in charge of a small electric company, needed to find a way to reach his stranded customers.
Police, soldiers, and military workers were still trying to reach the stranded.
We've all been there: stranded in a parking lot, street corner, or our own driveway with a drained battery.
Some think that is where it should be, others think it tragically stranded.
There's also a new online versus mode, in which one player must prevent the other from rescuing stranded spacemen.
Rescuing stranded astronauts would be almost impossible.
It goes without saying that the agents at the gate won't even hint at the likelihood of your being stranded.
People see the bare sea bottom littered with flopping fish and stranded boats.
The pirates blasted the stranded sloops with cannons.
But the results showed that people would help a stranded robot.
Furthermore, all the continents would be larger, so today's coastal cities would be stranded inland.
People were dying, toxic water was still rising, and thousands were still stranded.
Huge boats are stranded far from the ocean, some of them upside down.
In the afternoon the tide stranded the boat, and left it a hundred yards or so to the westward of the ruins of the enclosure.
Inland and far up the shore the stranded boats of the sailors.
The rains, which usually leave villages stranded by now, started late.
You're stranded in space, slowly spinning as you orbit endlessly around a planet.
Most people will never get stranded in the wild, so it can be easy to ignore wilderness survival preparation as you hike or camp.
Mammalian cells make only the single-stranded variety.
Larger boulders are grouped together and stranded on the surface in clumps.
These weak and sick seals were likely stranded because of a lack of food, caused by overfishing.
We would have been stranded, and the expedition would have to be halted immediately.
Imagine being stranded on an isolated island unable to even see where you are.
Jens peers out the window at a distant city of stranded icebergs, blunt-cut by a mirage-one of the first signs of spring.
We waited to watch what happened to the stranded wildebeests.
So if the device blew out in the early morning hours, students were left stranded.
If you were to be stranded on a desert island with one particular rectangle, that's the one you'd go with.
You're lost-alone and stranded somewhere in hosiery.

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