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Rigid labour and product markets, and membership of the euro, have imprisoned it in an economic-policy straitjacket.
Yet this budgetary straitjacket is oblivious to market demands and it risks missing opportunities.
The regulatory straitjacket that characterises the taxi industry may have been fitted for valid reasons.
Having seen finance wreak havoc, the temptation will be to bind it in a regulatory straitjacket.
Still other provisions impose an unnecessary straitjacket on the state's internal personnel practices.
Moreover, it would be impractical to place the bidding process in such a straitjacket, for reasons already stated.
We must find a way to contain these threats without putting a straitjacket on financial innovation and risk-taking.
The straitjacket of the prevailing approach meant that one understood neither the data processes nor the behavior of the economy.
It seems that the economic straitjacket has not really forced the hands of the politician to do the right policies.

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