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Example sentences for strainer

Place the rice in a mesh strainer and rinse under cool water.
To make topping, combine confectioners' sugar and cinnamon and dust cakes using topping through a fine mesh strainer.
Mash mixture through a fine-mesh strainer or a food mill into a bowl to remove skins.
Pour the cooled liquid through a mesh strainer into a medium mixing bowl.
Put a fine-mesh strainer inside a bowl or balance a smaller strainer on the rim of a bowl.
Strain with a spider or other wide, shallow, wire-mesh strainer and reserve in freezer.
Strain through a fine-mesh strainer, and store refrigerated.
Place the spice a fine strainer and gently sift evenly over the chocolate.
If you are planning to use it for pasta, get one with a nesting strainer.
Put them in a fine strainer and rinse with cold water.
Scoop onion into a small strainer and rinse under cold water.
They wash it over and over, then squeeze the pulp in a giant strainer.
Strain the infusion with a tea strainer, sieve or muslin cloth and discard the herb parts.
Rinse the beans thoroughly in a strainer under cold running water.
Strain through a coarse strainer, then allow juice to drop through a double thickness of cheese-cloth or a jelly bag.
Place coffee in strainer, strainer in coffee-pot, and pot on the range.
Some of the flakes that remain in the strainer can be toasted for a garnish if desired.
Drain through a strainer, and rinse until the water runs clear.
Rub the seed pods against the strainer to extract the juice.
Pour through a strainer into a large pitcher and drain without pressing the solids.
Rub the seed pods against the strainer to extract the juice, and discard the seeds.
Place a strainer over a bowl, and drain the dried fruit.
The strainer operates continuously and the pipeline flow never has to be shut down for strainer basket cleaning.
There must be an oil strainer or filter through which all of the engine oil flows.
Ensure the disposable strainer is free of debris prior to testing and balancing of the hydronic system.
The strainer shall have a single backwash connection on the bottom or side of the vessel.
All hydrants shall contain a removable head strainer and stainless steel snap ring that can be removed without special tools.
Pump column shall include galvanized or stainless suction strainer.
If the low pressure is isolated to one location you can check your strainer at the outlet of your faucet to make sure it is clear.
Funnel strainer shall consist of a perforated floor-level square or round grate and funnel extension.
Strainer shall include diverter valve with handle that will select the strainer to be in use.

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