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Example sentences for straightened

The copper tubing is straightened, put through the length of the pipe, with the end bent down near the bottom of the bucket.
However, he straightened his legs in such fashion that it came to the ground without a jar.
Joseph straightened his shoulders, but as they approached the cliff, he felt his stomach kink.
He curled his hands around the bar and then uncurled them and straightened up.
The snow snakes writhing across the asphalt straightened into rods.
All lines were straightened, so that the map consists entirely of horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines.
Her curly hair has been straightened and highlighted, and her features have been altered.
The fussy bows gradually disappeared, the teeth were straightened, the hair was made more elegant.
Johannes straightened out the family finances and reorganized the management of the operation.
However, not every building's shortcomings can be straightened out with sheetrock or covered up by a fresh coat of paint.
His engineers covered holes with steel plates, widened sluices, and in some areas even straightened the river.
After reaming and/or lapping, barrels may be straightened.
In this area the stream has been dredged and straightened for drainage purposes leaving limited fish habitat.
Many sites that had been straightened showed considerable degradation following the disturbance.
The steel beam, which has been straightened three times due to previous collisions, is beyond repair and needs to be removed.
Shallow-water ponds and wetlands were created and meanders were put back in a section of the straightened stream.
Many stream channels have been straightened, and these are labeled.
Over time, the trails were widened, straightened and improved by settlers for use by horse and wagons.
All deformed structural material shall be properly straightened prior to being laid out and worked in the shop.
By then your teeth had straightened out, and you looked newly beautiful for it.
Some experts say the straightened-out coat hangar is the ideal tool for marshmallow roasts.
As he said, he had straightened out his life, gotten off steroids and turned his businesses around.

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