stoutly in a sentence

Example sentences for stoutly

He stoutly defends free trade to protectionist audiences.
And they stoutly resist any idea of abandoning their sovereignty over foreign and security policy.
The author's grief, however stoutly he may have prepared himself for failure, must have been great.
The colonel stoutly maintained-and from all the evidence really seems to have believed-that he was performing a public service.
Many are still believed and stoutly defended in the more remote regions.
Laster had stoutly maintained her innocence up until she entered her guilty plea.
It is stoutly built, with a broad head and small eyes.
Although it was stoutly constructed with heavy plank and steel beams, its interior lining is fast caving in.
She stoutly maintained her innocence, yet could not satisfy her accusers.
Ie was, of course, stoutly denied by all parties concerned.

Famous quotes containing the word stoutly

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