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Each single-author book is immensely particular, a story told as only one storyteller could recount it.
These complaints about getting ideas across are being laid at the door of someone who, by many accounts, is a gifted storyteller.
Economic losses are seen as a potent storyteller about climate change.
He was also a great storyteller, creating narratives in every medium he touched.
To uncover their tales, you need a storyteller with an expert's knowledge and a writer's flair.
However, suspension of disbelief is a collusion between the storyteller and the audience.
The awesomeness of science told by a talented storyteller.
He had adventures galore and was a natural storyteller.
Learn about different instruments or listen to a storyteller.
And, the storyteller adds, the story which he had told had the same effect as the actions of the other three.
He's a storyteller and a singer, and he brilliantly improvises an astounding proportion of every show.
In his own non-novelistic way, my grandfather was a wonderful storyteller.
Erik is accepted into the novel only after being picked out of a crowd at a train station by a swooping storyteller figure.
She's more of a storyteller than a lot of modern poets-see this poem, and this poem, too.
Because of his experience in his life, he's a really great storyteller.
Quite the contrary, in fact, for the camera itself is a powerful storyteller when it is used properly.
Ford developed a distinctive style and a reputation as a brilliant storyteller.

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