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Maybe because it conforms to a storyline that the press thinks it knows how to handle.
Sadly, this wasn't entirely possible for the storyline, so there is room for improvement.
The behavior of the dinosaurs was also modified to fit the needs of the storyline.
Sadly, the substance did not remotely match the storyline.
The amazingly realistic peek into the depths of cold war tension, plus the storyline.
All these stories, including the religious fantasies about afterlife, are rooted in the happy ending storyline.
The storyline is worked out, rough character sketches are produced and a detailed, scene-by-scene storyboard is put together.
It does not have much differences other than a stronger storyline and the fact that it is in space.
His need for an absolutist, apocalyptic storyline is part of the politics of personal crisis and redemption he represents.
It has little to do endogenous policy, only used as a storyline by financial news providers.
And yet, the storyline may not turn out as direly as predicted.
The basic storyline is simple enough: what formerly could not be imported now can be.
But the drama surrounding for-profit colleges misses a more important storyline.
It's a familiar storyline for those acquainted with tired model minority stereotypes.
When it comes to storyline, however, the film falls a bit flat.
We came up with ten ideas at a time, but you can't do it all, you have to pick one storyline and go with it.
We shot too much footage of things that didn't really fit into the storyline.
But not enough attention has been paid to her storyline in the film.
However, it has a new storyline, not a rehash of one previously explored in the television series.
The main storyline is quite simple, though knotted with many complications.
And now look at the finished film, a stylish, crazily vigorous elaboration on that bare-bones storyline.
Neither is there reason for skepticism or anguish in the fact that he is here following a somewhat similar storyline.
The alternately depressing and uplifting storyline moves along briskly to a surprisingly abrupt climax.
In yet another storyline, these vampires stalk the hallways of the hotel.
In fact, there's enough storyline for several movies.
Use the arrows on your remote to choose the option you want to advance the storyline.
To keep up the interest behind the mechanics, each camp had a storyline that the kids were following.
It's focus is more on the storyline rather than the combat.
Everyone loves a good comeback story, but sometimes a storyline emerges prematurely.
The suspenseful storyline is what kept me interested.
Most of the story revolves around this invention and its importance to the storyline.
It was well-balanced as far as dialogue and narration go, and the storyline was engaging.
Again, the best part about the whole thing was that it seemed to resolve a storyline that dragged on for much too long.
Between courses, performers interact through improvisational role-playing to a predetermined storyline.
She would paraphrase almost the whole storyline, and every clever bit in the movie seemed to end up in the review.
They only interfere in subtle ways, to keep the storyline interesting, or prevent discovery.
Fatal end to a preposterous storyline, plot and premise right there.
The main storyline concerns the first robbery, which opens the film.
The attention-getting opening establishes a storyline that helps to keep the viewer's interest throughout the program.
Some details have been fabricated to provide continuity to the storyline.
We can prepare an initial storyline to present to your decision-makers.
The storyline gives a real-world problem while allowing students to use mathematics to perform the given task.
It then explores a possible future storyline for how these approaches might affect the work of some of these stakeholders.
Explain to students that folk tales often have a structured pattern underlying their storyline.
All films in this festival feature the homesteading story in their plot or storyline.
Students will review the writing process in order to develop a storyline about their family history.
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