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The weather was stormy, the wind blowing and still it kept its grip and composure.
If it's the former, you want to show waves crashing against the shore, probably in stormy weather.
Initial reports suggest that stormy weather may have contributed to the accident.
Most likely the coast will be spared a full onslaught, but if you live there, it's best to be prepared for stormy weather.
But scientists are finding that those dramatic electrical discharges are far more than a sideshow in stormy skies.
There is a good chance that with a hybrid system, when it is cloudy or stormy without much solar gain, it will be windy.
The planes flew in one direction then another as balmy daylight turned to stormy seas in the darkness.
The mesocyclone can eventually form a stormy funnel cloud, which becomes a tornado when it touches down.
For instance, sledging parties often encountered sastrugi, wind-sculpted snow that can resemble the surface of a stormy sea.
Stormy seas heighten the effects of the currents, making the whirlpools even more spectacular.
By some accounts, they were lovers for several stormy years.
Then, one stormy winter evening, a chopper nearly missed the top of the building because of the wind gusts.
It was a stormy morning which served to add gloom and depression to their spirits.
But the region of this lower world is stormy, and one wave perpetually presses upon the neck of another.
He was an arch-rebel in a rebellious generation, the intellectual barometer of a world of stormy speculation and great endeavour.
One by one his crew will desert his sinking ship, as it flounders desperately through stormy seas, without any moorings.
It's windy, at times even stormy and the sun can be unforgiving.
We did a stormy version of the dress that was inspired by tornadoes.
Her usual smile was replaced by tightly closed lips, and her bluish-hazel eyes were stormy.
Stormy must get from the storm cloud to the stream without getting polluted.
Sneaker waves can strike on calm days or stormy days.
They are sometimes seen as threatening funnel clouds descending from stormy skies.
Plowing and sanding will only be focused on the east and west hills during continued stormy periods.

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