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Example sentences for storied

My heart is filled with optimism for the future of these storied cats.
The town is now trying to restore the storied but struggling waterway.
The leisurely pace of modern life belies the region's storied past, however.
The use of bioenergy has a long and storied history.
Psychological research has a storied history of producing unusual and unexpected results.
Philosophy has a long and storied history of public engagement.
But doing-coaching has a storied history as the way civilizations and villages have captured and spread knowledge.
They're doing what they've been doing for more than a decade: measuring how the park's storied glaciers are melting.
With fewer females free diving for a living, the storied tradition is fading.
The megacity tries to juggle its storied past and its plans for future glory.
The scroll bar's demise comes after a storied history.
Sure, the narrative has a long and storied history, going beyond the usual bastardized biblical one.
Its tree-lined paths offer visitors a relaxing place to catch a glimpse of the city's long and storied history.
The house is a single storied, clapboard structure with a medium gable roof, situated on a low brick foundation.
Foreign tourists and local preservationists are bringing stretches of the storied roadway back to life.
The two-storied central portion of the house has one-story flanking wings to either side.

Famous quotes containing the word storied

"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your ... more
But let my due feet never fail To walk the studious cloister's pale, And love the high embowed roof, With antic pillars ... more
Of all the world's storied thoroughfares, it must be confessed that none produces quite the effect of Holly... more
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