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Example sentences for storeroom

All firearms must be placed in an approved safe, vault, or properly secured storeroom.
Next to that, a chemist's laboratory, followed by a storeroom and a secondary machine room.
The structure then served as a storeroom, laboratory, and even theater stage for the expedition members.
The rice in that storeroom is produced under sustainable practices in a paddy.
The sailor would descend to the bottom of the ship to the storeroom to get the beer, often sampling a bit on his way back up.
She told me that no one else had access to the keys, but she could not explain their presence in the storeroom.
It is a small brick-built former storeroom with no pews.
The huge storeroom contains thousands of rolls of leather.
Ten years later, the filings from that litigation fill a good-size storeroom.
At the back, a cavernous storeroom was stacked with framed posters of his bands.
It is believed that it began in the storeroom of the boat on the lower deck.
In the cylinder of oxygen standing in the hospital storeroom, the oxygen molecules are endlessly in motion.
The storeroom key grating harshly and sharply in the lock.
Storeroom had dented cans, sauce spilled and dried on floor.
Extensive experience in general storeroom or warehouse inventory control functions.
The procedure should ensure that all goods shipped are accounted for and moved safely to the storeroom.
Living space was on the second floor, while the first was made up of storeroom, and a kitchen and refectory.
The division is also responsible for the central office supply storeroom and the mail room.
The storeroom also lacks air conditioner and a thermometer-a major problem because this part of the country is quite hot.
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