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Clusters of copper atoms were attached to each cell in the array, and data was stored by attaching electrons to the clusters.
The resulting clean drinking water is stored on the hips and can be sucked out through another tube.
Both use ultrasonic vibrations to turn the water stored in the tank to vapor.
Today, one in every thousand bits stored in a flash memory comes out wrong when the memory is read.
The best way to ensure that the seafood you buy is fresh and properly stored is to find a reliable fishmonger.
After bloom ends, much of a bulb's stored nutrient supply is gone.
These have a mildly spicy flavor that gets hotter when stored.
Most leftover seeds can be saved for the following season as long as they're stored properly.
He grows mountains of potatoes every year and knows exactly how they need to be stored.
It travels in used tires, which are usually stored outdoors before being shipped around the world.
Memories are stored in a region of the brain called the hippocampus, shown in red in this computer illustration.
The extreme heat eliminates electrons stored in certain crystals-such as quartz and feldspar-within the rock.
The latter pickles are created using a vinegar solution and must, as the name suggests, be stored in the refrigerator.
Even more importantly, access to year-round ice meant food could be stored longer before spoiling.
Improperly stored for centuries, many of these works have already been ruined.
It was being stored in anticipation of a future, permanent, historical exhibit.
These tomatoes have thin cavities, or locules, where the seeds and juices-and many flavors-are stored.
Collard, mustard and turnip greens had been picked last fall and stored in the mammoth freezer.
These specimens had been stored in the collection four years earlier.
She folded the raiment and stored it in the goodly wain, and yoked the mules strong of hoof, and herself climbed into the car.
Then at length she let drag the swift ship to the sea and stored within it all such tackling as decked ships carry.
He stored my mind with its first treasures, and stamped his character upon them all.
They were returned, stored safely, and discussed on pertinent occasions in the future.
Get those ideas stored away now, before they leave your brain.
Nothing particularly security-related here, unless you have your credit card stored for payments.
Student submissions are stored on the site's server.
They have changed their displays and stored pieces to make room for the hands-on stuff.
Many of our items are carefully stored, often not all together, depending on size.
Web pages can be stored on the devices to be viewed while riding a bus.
Their vision is to create a system that operates with data stored on people's own computers.
On top of the cost of the book, libraries often pay a service fee to use the platform on which the book is stored.
If properly strained and stored, you can reuse peanut oil several times for frying before eventually disposing of it.
During its winter sleep, the grizzly lives off its stored fat.
Small artificial ponds stored water that could be use to flood rice paddies.
Each creature has an uncommon metabolism that depends on the energy stored in methane, and each processes the gas in a unique way.
The faults are heated by adjacent rocks and the hydrocarbon deposits stored in them are vaporized.
Bees live on stored honey and pollen all winter, and cluster into a ball to conserve warmth.
In warmer conditions the squirrels use up stored fat more quickly.
Ice cream stored outside must be microwaved before it can be eaten.
There, they feast on food they stored during the warmer months.
All species hunker down in winter and burn the reserves of fat they have stored during more plentiful seasons.
All this material is stored in cheek pouches and, at the surface, mashed for consumption.
Some seeds are stored in a freezer that serves as a gene bank for apples.
Excess energy is stored in batteries to keep it afloat even on overcast days.
For half an hour the trio examined a collection of papyruses that were wrapped in newspaper and stored in shoe boxes.
Those unconscious memories don't rely on the hippocampal region to be consolidated and stored.
Cookies are small text files that are stored on a user's computer and allow websites to remember information about users.
UP to the time of the discovery of radium anthracite coal represented about the highest known degree of stored energy.
The energy stored in food is measured in terms of calories.
Absolute needs stored in your carry-on luggage include prescription medications and any medical supplies that you use daily.
Take note of how your various food selections need to be stored throughout the trip.
Water can last almost indefinitely if it is stored in a cool, dark place.
You've probably got home videos stored on your computer.
Creating your own screen saver is a fun way to put digital images stored on your computer to good use.
The strawberries were picked, transported and stored under identical conditions.
The electrolyte is stored in an external tank and pumped through the battery's cells to convert chemical energy into electricity.
He thought his diet somehow stimulated bodily tissues to burn more stored fat than they would otherwise have done.
The invention of agriculture, which generates a surplus that can be stored and also gives value to land, permitted this to change.
People do not know where the information they are sending is being stored and when, if ever, it is deleted.
The hydrogen obtained from water can then be stored and used in, say, a fuel cell to produce power when the sun does not shine.
Water is pumped through the heat exchangers to pick up the heat that was stored during summer.
The recovered energy is normally stored in a battery.
But when bad times never come, they are stuck with that energy, stored around their expanding bellies.
But it would have to be transported and stored, which would require a new infrastructure.
Power-chips can also switch between grid and stored power in milliseconds to ensure uninterrupted power.
There is so much being digitized and so much going on in today's world that is stored and it is increasing exponentially.
The audio files are larger, and therefore, the number of audio issues that can be stored on your device is limited to four.
After a brief period of production, it stored munitions between the wars.
Excess energy would be stored as compressed air in underground caverns.
Currently, samples of blood-clotting platelets awaiting a recipient are stored at room temperature and only last about five days.
First of all there is no evidence of memories being stored individually.
Their goal is to have an unmanned aircraft that can be crumpled down and carried or stored in small spaces.
Fear is an emotion, an unspoken memory, stored in special parts of the brain.
Memories are stored in neurons distributed across a host of brain regions.
The open spaces in the structure provide lots of room for electricity to be stored in the form of lithium compounds.
They are stored in short term memory so the new networks are ready for the next day.
Otherwise, all that plastic ends up stored in cells of sea life.
Further, the information was stored in two long chains, each of which specified the contents of its partner.
These specimens are stored in four repositories around the world, where they are available for scientific study.
If a match is found, the citizen scientist clicks on that sound's spectrogram and the results are stored.
The data from each instrument are stored in a shared database and made available in real time through the project's website.
Part of the problem is that the bulk of your bulk is stored inside fat cells.
Not only did the fuel in the operating reactors begin to melt down, but so did spent fuel stored in nearby pools.
Even the experience of the body after the conception and before birth is stored.
In fact the amount that could be stored was exactly what could be sent in one shipment.
In essence, the answers were stored in memory a long time ago.
The results: the animals exhibited no fear when placed in the shock box again, indicating that the memory had not been stored.
No information is given about important factors such as the efficiency, or how the hydrogen would be stored.
There is so much wasted energy all around us which could be harnessed and/or stored with the right technologies.
Futon bedding is usually folded and stored in closets each morning.
They're sent via e-mail over secured networks, and they are also stored on servers until they're erased.
It was a giant key, and it unlocked the larder, where the food was stored.
The piece of medical history is now stored in a formaldehyde solution in a cabinet behind the scenes at the museum.
Now these implants are stored in a vacuum or inert gas, which prevents the destructive oxidation.
The wine was obtained in a single batch and stored at room temperature prior to use.
Strawberries for processing, which eventually can be stored, sell for about twenty-five cents a pound.
These metaphors would then be stored in the metaphor repository.
Instead, they are generated by software and are stored in an online e-wallet, similar to cash.
These readings could then be combined in a computer and stored on tape.
The not-often-used should be stored in a peripheral area.
They must be spread out where they will dry, then separated and stored in ventilated baskets in a cool dry place.
Then she poured the clear liquid butter into the crock to harden and stored it in our cool cellar.
Methane can be stored and later used to fuel a vehicle or run a generator.
Those gases could be stored and later turned back into electricity in a fuel cell.
They also neglected to name the museums where they were stored.
One method is to turn excess glucose into fat, which can be stored for leaner times.
Although these can be stored during the dry season, shortfalls do occur, so trade--and a common language--becomes important.
When the window is open, chemicals called neurotransmitters flow through easily and memory is registered and stored.
The folders are stored in climate-controlled steel cabinets-five steel-reinforced floors of them.
It's not enough for the information to be stored somewhere, completely inaccessible to anybody.
Hazardous material may be stored for the eons, while other components may be left in place for lack of another purpose.
There's a brick work shed where tools are stored and the visiting archeologists sleep.
During these cold months, fresh fruit would have been scarce, and people would have been living off their stored grain.
In this case, water is broken down into oxygen and hydrogen, which can be stored and recombined to power a hydrogen fuel cell.
Friction among the gas atoms in the disk is not enough to dissipate the huge amount of energy stored in the disk's rotation.
Especially in winter, they supplemented their diet with acorns, which they stored in large ceramic jars.
These days, hunters bring in mostly deer and wild boar, the animals stored in a cavernous freezer downstairs.
Next is the infirmary-a nurse is unsure what certain medicines do and how they should be stored.
There were, he said, many mops and brooms stored in the public bathroom.
For the past four decades, the letters have been stored in a safe-deposit box, unseen by scholars.
Her sister's belongings, along with her sister's diary, were stored in a closet and became somewhat of a shrine.
They were being stored in a balsa-wood cake box, which he opened.
Both companies have ventured into cloud computing, which allows a user to access data stored in a remote server from anywhere.
The staff made copies for the owners and stored the originals in heaps, until they could be catalogued.
German military hardware, stored in a vast depot across the street from the museum.
Instead, spent-fuel rods are stored at each of the country's hundred and four nuclear power plants.
It is only if paper's usefulness is in the information written directly on it that it must be stored.
Some nineteenth-century vintages still taste delicious, provided they have been properly stored.
It was a fruitcake that you made a month ahead of time, wrapped in foil and stored in the fridge.
In conventional compressed-air storage, electricity is used to compress air, which is stored in underground caverns or aquifers.
They kept their craft aloft through an entire night on stored solar energy.
But all such devices can only hold so much charge, beyond which arcing occurs between the electrodes, wasting the stored power.
Lithium-ion batteries could last longer if their electrodes stored more charge.
For example in this case, heated oil is easily transferable and can be stored as heat.
To retrieve the stored data, the reference beam is shone into the hologram, which refracts the light to replicate the data beam.
In addition, the added logic increases the amount of data that can be stored.
The system, which is stored inside shipping containers, is portable.
The more layers used, the more supporting materials are needed and the less energy can be stored in the battery.
But they can't store much energy so their stored electricity is depleted in a matter of seconds.
Or, the draft suggests, a user might use credentials stored on his computer to log into an online pharmacy.
Sears's company is testing a design that would use wind power to compress air, which could then be stored.
Simply shining blue light on the proteins erases any data stored in them.
The capacity of lithium-ion batteries is limited by the amount of lithium that can be stored in electrodes.
The water can then be stored in a reservoir for drinking water.
The system is also automatically updated, and little is stored on the user's computer.
For solar panels to be useful when the sun isn't shining, the electricity they produce has to be stored.
Your public and private keys are stored in a file that can be transferred to another computer, for example if you upgrade.
It would also act as a shield for the radioactivity of the stored rods.
Insects feed on stored grains and can cause extensive losses.
Much of the world's television, news, and personal moving images are stored on aging video tapes.
Being overweight is one thing, but where your body fat is stored may make more of a difference to your health.
Samples of dog noises were collected, interpreted by animal behaviorists and stored in a doggie database.
Much of the world's history is stored on aging video tape.
The next thing you put in your mouth is almost twice as likely to be stored as fat.

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