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Now he was moving to work as a clerk in his father's leather-goods store.
The stainless steel rolling table is from a restaurant supply store.
For starters, this place has a posh, minimalist interior that resembles a jewelry store-and it's got the prices to match.
Cork the bottles immediately and store them in a dry, cool place.
Seal and store in a cool, dry place until ready to use.
And once flipped it tends to stay flipped, so those flips can be used to store data as well as manipulate them.
They gave a futon a burst of color with fabric and pillows from an import store.
But the guys at the hardware store were surprised at the plan to paint red.
Inspiration often seems to pop up unpredictably-in the shower, on a long walk or even at the grocery store.
Store everything in your car or in a bear box if the campground offers one.
The human body s ability to store energy as fat seems haywire in a world full of food.
Paying more to store something than it is worth may seem doubly irrational.
Plant bulbs as soon as possible after you get them, since they do not store well.
With old textbooks and romances, though, you might want to try a used book store.
In fact, you'll need to clear out a pretty big cupboard to store a water bath canner.
If you can't figure out how to get to a grocery store right away, eat fast food for a day or two until you get things figured out.
But it seems that at the molecular level, water still has some surprises in store.
The new self-coiling hoses won't tangle or kink, and they store neatly, but they aren't flawless.
Quantum computers can store and process data using atoms, photons or fabricated microstructures.
These bacteria use chromatophores to store the proteins necessary for photosynthesis.
Contrary to many an old tale, camels don't store all that water in their humps.
The store of nutriment laid up within the seeds of many plants seems at first to have no sort of relation to other plants.
Work makes riches, and the weaver's tool builds the store-house.
The store-bought stuff also tastes better that way too.
The oceans can store vast amounts of heat because it takes a large amount of heat to raise water temperature one degree.
Almost any hardware store should have the necessary hose adapter, clamps and tubing.
Animals store extra digested food in the form of adipose tissue, which contains molecules called lipids.
These chains accept your old electronic junk, either in-store or by mail.
And evidence of barley straw at the site helps confirm that the buildings were, indeed, used to store grain.
Many have traded down from name-brand to store-brand products.
He mutters frequently, counting under his breath and pointing vaguely at store windows.
People don't go to the grocery store and stock up on food for two weeks.
We supplemented our menu with excellent store-bought goodies, from smoked salmon and salami to cheeses and chocolates.
Include some store-bought falafel for an added boost of protein.
Store-bought meringue cookies add crunch, while pistachios lace the layers with nutty sweetness.
She has generously loaned us beautiful items from her store to accent the homes.
Make a fuss-free, flaky appetizer or dessert with frozen store-bought puff pastry.
Lemon zest jazzes up store-bought or leftover homemade pesto in this bright and flavorful summer supper.
They will not sell him any at the store, because of his age.
Nadine's father had a shed out behind the store, where he worked at repairing and restoring furniture.
Their merchandise also varies from store to store--so that if one store is a flop, it won't mar the others.
Renewable power is inspiring clever new ways to store electricity-and to uncork it exactly when and where it is needed.
The device hooks up to your home network, allowing any connected computer to store and retrieve data from it.
What goes wrong in these disorders involves insulin, the hormone that helps the body absorb and store sugar.
Think of it this way: when you walk to the local convenience store to get a squishy, you have to cross the street.
Or you might see a fully stocked general store with original wooden boxes and shelves with tin cans.
Now you retrieve the memory and store it with new information.
There is no way she could have known sooner in life what fate had in store for her.
Certain types of gene circuits can store information over many cell generations, according to a theoretical study.
Without a good way to store electricity on a large scale, solar power is useless at night.
Cloud computing is changing how businesses, consumers, and even armies store and use data.
Conventional gas-electric hybrids use batteries to store energy recovered during braking, which would otherwise be wasted as heat.
About half of a conventional lithium-ion battery is made up of materials that store no energy.
Each layer must be separated by supporting materials that take up space in the battery but don't store any energy.
The prototype can store one mosaic, but it has a hardware slot for a memory card that could store additional panoramas.
In contrast, it costs less than a cent per gigabyte to store information on magnetic tape.
Additionally, the program itself doesn't store raw audio clips.
Even enjoyable, notwithstanding the frightening prospects in store for the planet, even in some of the better scenarios.
There was a store-bought easel and a carton of art supplies on the floor.
The purpose of the hardware is to store and process information.
His father, trained as a bookbinder, ran a store selling stationery and notions.
Store-bought fettuccine simply can't compare to homemade.
Alcohol is an excellent preservative, and this is a great way to store your cherries beyond their growing season.
Store chopped herbs in the refrigerator, covered with a moist paper towel.
Let it cool, and store it in the fridge or use it immediately.
Use the store locator below to find other retailers in your area.
The pump can then cool in-store air or heat it, depending on the season.

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