storable in a sentence

Example sentences for storable

It is an easily storable and nutritious sausage and is eaten often for breakfast with slices of bread.
For the first time milk could be kept pure and storable without benefit of refrigeration.
As the plum's blossoms do not hear the bee nor taste themselves turned into storable honey.
We must have a storable fuel that can be easily made from renewable supplied or fusion supplied energy sources.
Bread appears in many forms, but it is essentially a way of preparing staple grain in a form that's easily storable and portable.
These produce a transportable, storable fuel that can be used at times of peak power demand.
Research is focused on understanding ice slurry behavior and developing highly-loaded, storable, and pumpable ice slurry coolants.
In the hydrogen economy, the storable and transportable hydrogen is envisioned to be a dominant energy carrier.
The commodity-based system produces a stable, storable, flowable product early in the supply chain.
They must be readily storable, preferably within standard legal size filing folders.
Test non-storable heat detector circuits by simulating electrical operation at the wiring connection.
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