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She knew she could create a traffic-stopping tapestry of plants that would survive on half the water.
Feed meat into funnel and grind, stopping to clear the grinder if necessary.
Besides looking tidy and needing nearly no water, it is no longer a stopping spot for dog walkers.
The enemy of our enemy may be our new partner in stopping a global health crisis.
Another way is you can send a letter to the mayor of your town or a politician about going green or stopping global warming.
Once a major outbreak starts, stopping it is virtually impossible.
Khan has succeeded in stopping the elephant relocation through legal means.
The only thing that was stopping it from getting in was the wire fence.
Spotted deer glide through the filtered shade, stopping abruptly when a troop of macaques shriek an alarm call.
In developed countries, doctors monitor liver function frequently, changing or stopping medication at the first sign of trouble.
Once captured, they can be studied with the aim of stopping malaria, which mosquitoes spread.
They're stopping all the caravans, asking for money, causing trouble.
She walked the whole night long, and next day also without stopping, until she could go no farther for weariness.
Yet, pedestrians still cross between the cars without causing accidents or stopping the flow of traffic.
Many of the machines in factories run day and night, stopping only for scheduled maintenance.
Stopping capital movements, in a world of computerised banking, would also be a tough ask.
It signalled concern about the economy while stopping short of panic measures.
Another quit after reading a simple-steps-to-stopping book, and now reacts harshly to any implication that he's been brainwashed.
But there was no stopping the hordes that responded to the novel's depictions.
Motorists now have a choice of fabulous stopping places.
We drove without stopping, slumped low in our seats, wary of being recognized as foreigners.
The coffee shop depended on tourist stopping on the way to the beach.
Take a look sometime at athletes playing their game and stopping at intervals for a serving of alcohol.
He crossed carrying a table and chair, stopping in the middle to try to sit down and prop up his legs.
Used to be that drivers looking for fuel-efficient tires had to choose between saving gas and, well, stopping.
Displayed excellent run-stopping technique and nose for the ball.
Pack picnic lunches and stop at a rest area with picnic tables, rather than stopping for fast food.
The work-energy for falling until the faller hits the mat and then momentum principle for stopping.
In the last episode, a caller asked about stopping a car.
His eyes slalomed smoothly from page edge to page edge, rarely stopping at the text.
Its ammunition lacked the stopping power of other rifle cartridges.
Its signal achievement seemed to be stopping for a stop sign at an otherwise unoccupied intersection.
Pick a street and walk or ride a bike down the street, stopping to record data at set intervals.
Without having to fill up: no stopping, no emissions, no nothing.
Rather than stopping up the filter holes, though, the additives enhance the membrane's permeability to large molecules.
The genes cause plant cells around the infection site to die, stopping the fungus from further infecting the plant.
The pain of stopping now will only be exceeded by our failure to do so.
How will or will this stiffer rolling resistances effect stopping distance and cornering traction and rain adhesion.
He showed videos of a calculus textbook stopping a pistol bullet, but not stopping a rifle bullet.
Engineers tried stopping the flow with mud and junk and lowering a cap over the leak.
People that do this tend to die a lot younger but no one is stopping you.
Stopping the flow of water is simple for showers and only rinse what is required to be rinsed.
That's not stopping yet another magazine from trying.
Many are freezing salaries and stopping or slowing new hires.
Read the paper out loud all the way through without stopping, and use a stopwatch to time the delivery.
What's wrong is the lack of criteria for stopping someone.
The law abiding have no means of stopping them if guns are prohibited.
Nobody is stopping this or any other sector of the population from learning in their own homes.
The only thing worth stopping for was a makeshift gasoline station.
They get bigger and louder when they start stopping.
Then he turned around, going back through a door and stopping again.
No one much likes it when something-an empty cab, an out-of-service subway train, summer-goes by without stopping.
He skims different sections of the letter, stopping a few times to go in the hall.
Gliding off down the fast lane in a sports car, stopping to fill up with thirty litres of petrol.
Rubbernecking is almost unavoidable, but stopping to scrutinize the carnage is certainly unwarranted.
He was willing to put up with the drug at first because it was so good at stopping migraines.
Human knees adapt to changes in speed and terrain by bending at varying rates and stopping at different angles.
Stopping the epidemic was only one part of the control strategy, however.
Stopping the bleeding can require the removal of portions of the affected organs.
That's not exactly stopping the hands of time, but it's certainly slowing them down.
Last, another car approaches from the opposite direction, also stopping in the lane.
In the case of cholera, then, it seems clear that stopping the diarrhea can only do good.
The cord had become crimped, stopping blood flow--hence the fetal distress.
The committee has the option of stopping the studies if there are signs of any unexpected complications.
The consensus seems to be that stopping the oil from reaching the shore is the best approach.
It actually represses the receptors, stopping them from doing their job.
Core himself will try to find out where the flies are attacking the bees, to find ways of stopping them.
But if they then get behind the wheel, government has a proper role in stopping them.
Fold bottom of rice paper over filling and begin rolling up tightly, stopping at halfway point.
It's also easily broken down by the body, so it doesn't have to be removed, unlike other agents for stopping blood flow.
But it wasn't until a few years ago that its potential for stopping bleeding was discovered.
But stopping the heart increases the risk of brain damage.
None of that is stopping forecasters surging ahead and to their credit, they have come up with a way to test their ideas.
In the future, drugs that target this pathway in the brain might be one approach to stopping the diseases of aging.
So gaming communities invest significant resources into finding and stopping cheaters.
It helps prevent the development of cervical cancer by stopping viral infection--but it cannot treat existing cervical cancer.
Let's make it easy, please discuss possible answers to stopping the destructive build up of our metabolism.
Nothing is stopping you or anyone else giving them something else as well.
The only thing stopping the development seams to be cost but that is usually a penny or two per kwH.
Europeans have deep-seated reasons for their devotion to stopping fraud and their rapid adoption of smart cards.
For some on the pier, looking up to see this large yacht bearing down on them, it was a heart-stopping moment.
They met again the next day and the next, stopping to talk for a few minutes.
What's more, their efforts usually fail, worsening slum conditions without stopping slum growth.
Their report stresses aggressive primary prevention, or stopping the problem before it becomes one, as the key approach.
For example, there's nothing stopping people from trading ounces of gold for products.
So, let's make some progress in stopping food poisoning and then later pick out the new stationery.
Made of lightweight microfibers, the thongs are a far cry from your grandma's breath-stopping girdle.
Don't let me blast on too long about how absolutely heart-stopping the brilliance of these people was.
So if stopping for a picture or signing a book of theirs puts a smile on their face, then that makes me happy, too.
Well yeah, there's no way of stopping it if you really believe the situation and you commit to it.
Except it was pretty cool being able to cut through crosstown traffic, running lights and stopping cars.
The convoy roared southward, stopping only to absorb more troops coming in off the plain.
We would dance for hours and hours without stopping.
The prosecution team all smile a greeting but move on, almost never stopping to chat.
He didn't flick a whisker at the vehicle driving up and stopping.
There have been successes in stopping nuclear proliferation.
They dig and fill, stopping only to respond to the welcome-to-the-neighborhood rounds of the enemy.
Anyone who takes pleasure in modesty will get on well here, he can live, no one's stopping him.
The colonel's aerial and tank bombardment was slowing, if not stopping, the advance.
It wants strategic solutions for stopping the suicide terror.
He created a moment, stopping the campaign to have a conversation about race.
She'd let out ghastly shrieks but my brother had trouble stopping himself.
The truck-stopping device has evolved through three generations.
Stopping vehicles for inspection or to secure information.

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