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Example sentences for stopper

Seal the container with the rubber stopper and insert an airlock into it.
Now he's also known as a crime stopper with a champion bear hug.
Instead of the old, stiff gore wind stopper material, this is light and flexible.
By the end of the climb the hat was doing double duty as a wicking sweat stopper.
With a gag in his mouth and a stopper in his rectum he would be given periodic beatings with rubber poles.
He started with the cap but then moved on to the nub end and started teasing the plastic stopper with his capped yellow teeth.
The problem with rage is that it's a conversation-stopper, it forecloses all other questions.
Her smile is still a show- stopper, but she has crow's-feet now and a short, sensible permanent.
The high-pressure air rushes into the piston chamber, forcing the piston back up and putting the ball stopper back in place.
The fact that it has cleared a gap is a show-stopper.
Needless to say, this does not endear them to their opponents, who hear this sort of thing as a conversation-stopper.
The kettle comes with a food-grade silicone stopper so you can use it as a canteen to transport water.
But he is a show-stopper, even without a bat and ball.
Strong straight-ahead run stopper with great energy.
Nothing seemed to put a stopper in the drain, until now.
The stopper is half the length of the typical cork and comes out easily.
Meant to be a discussion-stopper, a moral trump card in the political game, the phrase was quickly adopted by all parties.

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I'm getting married in the morning, Ding! dong! the bells are gonna chime. Pull out the stopper; Let's have... more
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