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The best option, of course, would be if everyone stopped using disposable products altogether.
The drumming and dancing never stopped, not even for the call to prayer.
They're all over the place in the city, and they need to be stopped.
Steve had stopped to adjust the strap on his motorcycle helmet.
The possibility that the plague could be stopped for good carried sweet promise indeed.
When all tourism stopped because of the oil spill, she had no choice but to close.
The researchers' truck is outfitted with two spare tires, but it was once stopped by a third flat.
Wherever there was a break to be repaired, a leak to be stopped, there he was.
She therefore urged that the matter should be reconsidered, and in the meantime building stopped.
When he goes to a dentist he does not have his teeth filled, but stopped.
These relapses are meant of those venial sins and imperfections which stopped her progress in the divine service.
Sniff and the other wild chimpanzees stopped traveling and climbed into the trees.
Most casual visitors will swear time has stopped dead, that the only thing growing faster than the wheat is boredom.
But some success has been achieved in using pigs' heart valves and in treating patients whose livers stopped functioning.
What was even more eerie though, was that the wind had completely stopped also.
But even if acid rain could be stopped today, it would still take many years for its harmful effects to disappear.
But at some point shoes stopped being mere protection and become a fashion item.
We never stopped anywhere for more than two or three days.
When the king couldn't bring rain or victory, though, people may have stopped listening to him.
In the southern shaft he was stopped, presumably by the blocking door.
Working in shifts until the monsoon stopped them, a team of divers retrieved the ancient artifacts.
For several years, people knew she was the last, and stopped by to see her while they could.
And then, one day on the street, a servant in a scarlet-fringed hat stopped us.
But that has not stopped the tales from being embraced by almost every culture and nationality in the world.
Having got the message off, they stopped on the way back for tea and buns.
Because people feared reprisals from the spirit lion, many stopped sharing information with the rangers trying to track the pride.
Some cosmetics firms have stopped using shark squalene or are phasing it out following pressure from conservation groups.
Their brain scans show myelin damage that has stopped, and their new genes are active as ever.
Feeling unwell, she was put to bed by friends who later returned to find that she had stopped breathing.
But denial-of-service attacks use packets' faked return addresses to keep them from being traced and stopped.
She stopped chewing the gum and her symptoms disappeared.
After his fateful presentation, similar conferences stopped inviting him to speak.
Time might have stopped, as it had stopped in the garden.
Only a handful of trains stopped in the station, as many continued through.
But that hasn't stopped him from querying other comic book publishers about working for them.
Flash floods of data thundered into one network port, stopped inexplicably, then reappeared to overwhelm another.
The global warming has been stopped by natural variability superimposed on the gentle anthropogenic global warming.
It is about time they stopped animal testing there anyway.
Once the process is stopped, the bacteria can no longer grow.
When they turned the light off, the mouse immediately stopped.
Is there anyway their tusks can be stopped from growing while they are little.
Biodiversity ruled, plants decided where they wanted to grow and no one stopped them.
The answers were inconclusive and then stopped altogether.
If people stopped doing all kinds of wonderful community services, yes, my life would be poorer.
The only one that would cut me off at the knees is if they stopped volunteering to make more kids.
Some students will fail because they stopped coming midway and some will fail because that is they grade they earned.
Didn't want to file a complaint but wanted them to know what this dept head was doing so it could be stopped.
They stopped going the extra mile to be personally engaged in campus life.
Anyway, the point soon became moot because the economics of the arrangement stopped working.
Every school shooter could have been stopped by decisive action from those around.
And all these through her eyes have stopped her ears.
On the strength of the evidence of the past fifty years it would appear that the trend has not only stopped but reversed.
Business investment in the colony has nearly stopped.
When they stopped to sleep, they dug foxholes far from their vehicles.
It has stopped the sale of index-linked national savings certificates.
The recession has not stopped all migration, but rather led to new patterns and different destinations.
The killing has stopped and people have, mostly, returned to their homes.
Its defenders claimed his presence stopped the putschists storming the building.
Record companies slashed budgets and stopped giving away videos.
People stopped paying attention to the national index.
Or, rather, it started to happen but was stopped in its tracks.
The movement of people and goods here-in happier days earmarked as the route for a highway-has stopped completely.
Output has stopped shrinking in all the world's big economies.
Blockades have stopped production at car plants and caused widespread food shortages.
However, conventional materials and chemistries have stopped them from being used extensively in cars.
But it also has stopped offering everything for free and tried to sell a subscription package.
GM made only so many and stopped after realizing they would not be profitable, ie too efficient.
When less power is needed, such as when the vehicle is stopped or at low speeds, the battery stores energy to be used later.
But there, for some reason, his reminiscences stopped.
It was interesting, but really stopped the flow of storytelling dead in its tracks.
At this point, the trial should be stopped-and stopped quickly.
Suppose there is a runaway trolley car on a line that cannot be stopped, but it can be switched onto a branch line.
At that moment, a taxi stopped in the middle of the intersection and let get in.
My father never stopped telling people how good the future was going to be.
During these years he never stopped taking train trips.
When the shaking stopped and emergency lights came on, the air was thick with a chalky haze of dust and concrete.
She stopped cutting long enough to lift her arm to her eyes in a tragic pose.
Performers gradually stopped working out their own cadenzas, instead turning to a repertory of written-out versions.
He followed the path of the migration until, to his bewilderment, the animals suddenly stopped.
But when the bus stopped at their gate, she got off with him.
She'd left her hair wild and stopped wearing makeup.
She stopped, self- consciously, and put out her cigarette.
We stopped at a roadside stand to buy some cider and apples as a gift for my brother and his family.
And, yes indeed, people stopped dying at the same rates they used to be dying.
But some of those arms control agreements may actually have stopped nuclear war.
The film didn't have to be stopped and restarted as each frame was exposed.
Had geology stopped there, any evidence of a crater would have been lost forever.
When the rats stopped to eat, the scientists eavesdropped on their brains again.
These mysteries have nonetheless not stopped a free flow of prescriptions.
And, due to some extraordinary feats of surveillance, the researchers know precisely which strains of bacteria need to be stopped.
And when the population dipped, the females stopped making this pheromone.
It contains artifacts from the day, including stopped watches and bits of clothing and hair.
Thermodynamics tells you a dead body has stopped metabolizing.
Our first priority should be to get this leak stopped.
Such sores tend to be quite painful, enough that she probably stopped moving to minimize the pain.
She sat in the library, and every movie star at the party-and there were a lot of them-stopped by to say hello.
He never stopped marveling at how success had come to him and how lucky he had been.
Finding none, the due diligence pretty much stopped there.
When she'd decided to go, they'd almost stopped talking to her.
Which hasn't stopped the losing side from singing the chain-gang blues.
The convoy pulled into a defensive herringbone formation and stopped.
After the first few years she stopped bringing a maid with her.
Soon after, investors stopped receiving their checks.
When he reached a wooden windmill on the left side, he stopped.
They fought until the shooting stopped and then they got back up and continued to work.
He stopped worrying about missing the ride and started concentrating on technique.
There were so many aftershocks that people stopped diving under tables.
But when they learned it was impossible, they asked for treatment to be stopped.
The vast majority of the oil and other hydrocarbons seem to be gone, less than six months after the crude stopped flowing.
Guidelines for what to do if stopped by the police.

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