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Example sentences for stoppage

There have been small disruptions in the past, but this is the first serious stoppage of all major transactions.
It must be time to hold another image-destroying work stoppage.
In hockey, the home team is allowed to make the last change during any stoppage on the ice.
The stunning stoppage-time goal was, therefore, less stunning than it might have been.
And with the league mired in a work stoppage, the schedule is wrapped in uncertainty.
Dunham won via doctor's stoppage in the second round.
But the aim of the work stoppage, their leaders argue, was to show how much they give to the country with their labour.
Postal and telecoms workers and, significantly, electricity workers were preparing to join the stoppage.
Since many goods cannot efficiently be moved by air, a long stoppage would have meant a huge supply shock.
Each country compiles data based on individual criteria and therefore, no standard measure of work stoppage is available.
All they want that impediments in the name of rent seeking, hooliganism, strikes and work stoppage are not there.
All regular fares will continue to apply in the event of a work stoppage.
Departments will also consider disciplinary action against employees who engage in a work stoppage or other unlawful job action.
Your eligibility will be determined by whether a work stoppage existed at the establishment where you were last employed.
Even if the workers had engaged in a work stoppage after protesting the wages, such a work is a protected activity.
If the stoppage is reduced, he continues to fire the course.
If you have a sewer stoppage on your private property, it is your responsibility to remedy the situation.
The league hopes fans come right back, despite their anger over a work stoppage that followed such a successful season.
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