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Visits now entailed six hours and a stopover in each direction, and the separation felt completely unfair.
Global warming only twists the knife by making usual stopover sites even less hospitable.
Horseshoe crabs are being overfished, resulting in insufficient food for the red knots during this stopover.
So, having these stopover spots is pretty critical for the overall breeding success along with these different migratory species.
It became a major stopover for migrating birds and a prime fishing site.
One hotspot is a crucial stopover for migrating monarch butterflies.
Many birds use so-called stopover sites during long-distance migrations where they rest and feed.
Satellites can be used to locate stopover points and habitats, generating data to help conservation.
The region's wetlands, once critical stopover points for migrating birds, are getting choked off.
In addition, split tickets allow consumers to select preferred airlines and create a stopover vacation.
The lake is a principal stopover and wintering site for hundreds of thousands of migratory waterfowl and shorebirds.
The area remains an important stopover location for migrating birds and waterfowl.
The coastal location of this refuge makes it a prime stopover for migrating raptors, shorebirds and songbirds.
Common eiders also nest on the island and a variety of shorebirds, songbirds, and raptors stopover during fall migration.
Refuge lakes and marshes provide a spring and fall stopover point for migratory waterfowl.

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