stooping in a sentence

Example sentences for stooping

Climbing up on things or stooping down to get a better shot is a lot harder to do in floor-length skirt.
Stooping down theatrically, he plunges his protected hands wrist-deep into the soft surface.
He holds his head forward and his shoulders are bent from almost forty years of stooping over his instruments.
The dead lift is a weight-lifting exercise that's performed by stooping and then lifting a weight from the floor to hip level.
But she is stooping so low that she rakes the mud she has trampled up and tries to fling it.
It is a great face-people stop in the street and stare at the tall stooping but powerfully built figure.
Imagine a kitchen where you could limit the bending, stooping and awkward reaching for pots, pans and cleaning products.
One part seemingly a false idol, stooping to the ethical common denominator of his sport.
Decorating with a furry companion in mind means stooping to the animal's level.
The treacherous queen caused a servant to stab him in the belly whilst he was stooping out of courtesy, after drinking.
To-morrow you shall find them stooping under the old pack-saddles.
Behind us the street was alive with people running and stooping.
There is no uncomfortable stooping and the bushes have no thorns.
The script is unashamed about stooping into any sewer for laughs.
We could even erect signs with silhouettes of figures stooping over with tissues.
It is one of the picture's major virtues that it reproduces an era without stooping to its dramaturgy.
Some stooping is required to do almost any kind of work.
Some lifting is required along with bending and stooping.
Some of the cave ceilings are low, requiring some bending or stooping.
Constant bending and stooping, vacuuming and an ability to anticipate guests needs.
Stooping or kneeling and crawling to harvest salad greens requires a lot of time and energy.
Ability to perform physically active work which may involve stooping, bending, and lifting.

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