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Example sentences for stoop

Literally dozens of rats swarming between the building and behind the stoop.
To be fair, that's a long time to stoop and pick up a penny.
But they will never stop trying to convert the world if they have to stoop to politics to do it.
They had to protect their wearer from the tough terrain and provide the ability to stoop down and collect rocks.
Another is that some politicians are tempted to stoop to crude populism, including the stoking of communal tensions.
If you aren't sure if your home is bolted to its foundation, crawl, stoop or walk under your home and take a peek.
Going upstream from there, you stoop and crawl toward a waterfall.
They want the tech, but in reality they would likely stoop to terrorism by smuggling a nuke though a porous border or coastline.
My guess would be that they will simply stoop and give in to their demands.
They must not stoop low to safeguard their strategic position in other ways.
It should have been obvious were it not for the fact that denier logic really does stoop to such levels on a regular basis.
Yankees caps-on the stoop leading from the restaurant to the street.
If there are real advantages to the gene manipulation of plants and animals they would not require to stoop to these practices.

Famous quotes containing the word stoop

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