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In fact, it is increased gas in the stool that make it less dense and allow it to float.
It's better than the guy on the next stool at the bar, but it's not as good as a true professional.
To move around, users sit on the device as though it's a stool and lean their weight in the direction they want to travel.
If your parents don't need a step stool to reach the top shelf, you're probably right up there, too.
Give shorter kids a stepladder or stool to stand on at the counter or stove.
There is more blood in his urine, and still more in his stool.
She'll blast off that stool and out of your life forever, warp factor nine.
Start by cutting the stool to fit between the window frame's sides, or jambs.
Please provide examples of budget reductions when the same party controlled all three legs of the stool.
But he'll go in his kennel whether his stool is loose or not.
Seated on a stool with hands folded primly on its lap, it wore a bright pink blazer and gray slacks.
Never underestimate the versatility of the humble stool.
Yon slides on a stool between a microphone and a drum kit, as the mood moves him.
Have a stool sample done at your vets office to rule this out.
Laboratory tests may be done on the food or a stool sample to determine what bacteria is causing your symptoms.
There is a red darned patch on the white sock of another disciple, and a pile of coats, bags and a book on a stool.
When the descent is finished, they take away the screen and the magician is standing still on an stool.
People infected with the bacteria release it into their stool.
The team sent off stool and blood samples to be tested for botulism.
The real estate speculation, tourism, and retirement are the three legs of that stool.
Only a small amount of sodium is lost through the stool or sweat.
Stool will go through the stoma into a drainage bag outside your body.
Following treatment, breath and stool tests can determine if you have been cured of the infection.
Stool testing may show small amounts of blood in the stool.
Pharmacies offer fibrous supplements to soften the stool and stimulate the gut.
Conditions that cause vomiting blood can also cause blood in the stool.
He is having a stool test, the fecal occult blood test, between colonoscopies.
My afternoon routine consisted of perching myself on a stool in his workshop, peppering him with random questions as he worked.
After shower time, she would stand on a stool beside him as he lathered up.
Now scientists have developed a new way to detect the parasite in the stool.
The colon absorbs water from liquid stool that is delivered to it from the small intestine.
His internist had already sent out routine blood, urine, and stool cultures.
One sign of the widespread inflammatory response is white blood cells in the stool.
The liver processes this excess copper into bile, which is excreted in the stool.
In the intestine it separates the stool from the rest of you.
We wanted special viral cultures sent of her throat, urine, and stool.
Let's peer into fossilised or mummified stool samples left behind by our ancestors.
It is a plainclothes police officer, sidling up on a bar stool to calmly dissuade the drinker from getting behind the wheel.
Each sits on a stool so small it disappears under her work dress.
He sat down on the stool next to me, balancing his lunch tray on his lap.

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