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If it stood for over a century, it should be in fine shape.
Among the many helpful suggestions, there was a theme that stood out to me.
For decades economists have stood at the top of the heap and historians near the bottom.
Many newly hatched sauropods were so diminutive that they could have stood in the palm of your hand.
Although the corn was delicious and delicate, it was the rau ram that stood out.
The lovely almond trees stood about it in perpetual leaf.
At the end of our interviews, two candidates stood out above the rest.
There they stood and did not know what to do, and none of them dared to go home.
And the road's-way unto her walls stood as the strands of a web.
It also stood at the forefront of caring for the war wounded.
Colleagues said he stood in the way of organized crime efforts to control garbage hauling.
After all, many counselors stood up to say that per-head compensation could not possibly go hand in hand with ethical advising.
We stood around the body planning our autopsy strategy.
He stood up before me and they stood over against me.
HE stood behind the podium and appeared to look into the audience, but he could not see.
One thing stood out as odd and strangely in conflict with her position as a literature professor.
Among the promised fruits of nanotechnology, small machines have always stood out.
We had a chance to play with a lot of handsets at the conference, but these phones stood head and shoulders above the others.
Once when they had to stop by, she stood in the driveway and refused to come in.
But on the world stage, they have never stood taller than today.
These early settlers valued silver as much for its intrinsic value as for the craftsmanship that stood behind it.
The animal stood in the sunset light long enough for him to take this image, to which he added clouds and contrast.
Darrow expected a guilty verdict and stood ready to appeal the decision to a higher court.
And is it known how many of those who did not survive had stood still and how many had stood still.
But he could identify roads, airport runways and irrigation ditches simply because they stood out in their environments.
The president stood down as head of the caretaker government that had been supposed to oversee the elections.
She stood in the crowd, listened and laughed to herself.
Probably they've all stood near electrical wires for a few minutes in their lives.
None of them have stood up to examination in the cold light of day.
He remained at the table while everyone stood, dishes were washed, and the thought of cold roast-beef sandwiches faded.
The tin soldier stood up to his neck in water, and the boat sank deeper and deeper.
The troops who have stood so well to orders have their reward in an easy leap to safety.
It was a white mulberry tree, and stood near a cool spring.
He shifted to the left and stood the stadia rod straight to register his position for the survey laser on the tripod below.
Two hollows in the surrounding limestone indicate where shelters once stood.
We stood talking as the waves came in over surf-smoothed rocks.
His friends quickly grabbed him, stood him up, and freed his ankles.
In her experiments she either stood face-to-face with them-protected by a plastic visor-or she used photos.
He stood on a raft, piles of sparkling gold at his feet.
He strapped on his goggles and stood at his machine until the late afternoon, churning out components for power tools.
He ran to the place where the deer had stood, but there was no blood.
He was old, and could barely hear his alarm clock unless it stood three feet away from his head.
The horns played organ chords behind the soloists, and the hair on my neck stood up.
Frank half-stood, leaned toward her slightly, sat back down.
But then the other thing that surprised me was how many people had stood up.
In the empty field to his right stood two cows suffering from the bloat.
Maybe thirty people were in the room, and she simply stood before us and tried to take questions.
Deep in the firs is an orchard, where once a house stood, and they creep towards the gnarled and ancient trees.
Culturally, the valley has always stood a bit apart from the world, provincial and proud of it.
There were built-in barriers and structure that stood in the way of our current chaotic eating.
He stood before us expectantly, radiating goodwill and helpfulness.
She then summoned her daughters, and they all stood over me to watch me taste it again, in their presence.
Recently the guy next to me on the plane suddenly uttered an oath and stood up to reveal that his fountain pen had flooded.
She stood at a podium as prime minister-elect, amid a sea of jostling and ill-tempered photographers.
The car bosses could have stood up for their corporate jets, defending them as time-saving tools.
Last week soldiers stood beside polling stations snarling at civilians.
In the next few weeks families from the dilapidated huts that once stood on the site will move in.
Chen stood to one side, a quizzical expression on his face.
The guests stood up, some with spoons still in their hands, as the music began.
Several police officers stood on a distant hillside.
We stayed in a wooden cabin that stood alone by the shore and was painted the brown of withered leaves.
She then stood and raised her arm high, opening her hand to reveal the button.
Out of several candidate genes, one stood out: a gene involved in protein trafficking.
Some charts in that piece really stood out to me, and are reprinted below.
There were three things that stood out in my mind about that first meeting.
Dinosaurs stood erect and walked or ran great distances.
He stood alone for two days, until neighbors heard his muffled moaning.
What he learned has stood the test of time-although if you follow his book to the letter you might get yourself into some trouble.
His family's sprawling block house stood in a quiet field of mango and banana trees.
Within two hours the rodents' peripheral nerves stood out as if traced with luminescent paint and stayed that way for six hours.
She stood there asking questions that are really irrelevant in the early care of a critically ill patient.
While he'd stood shaving that morning, his right arm had gone limp, and to his amazement he suddenly couldn't speak.
In other words, an ice sheet should have stood little chance of surviving.
Then the frog stood on the butter and jumped out of the can.
The skeletons stood there as mute models of reality.
And in the meeting he suddenly stood up and started railing against my thesis, apparently.
Little by little a precursor event stood out from the background.
We shall never know in what century it stood for the starry spaces.
As for company, he stood to gain more from garrulous oldsters with gnarled hands and long memories than from effete littérateurs.
And his queen stood up beside him, all beaming in her rosy goodness, her face alight with pride at his performance.
Early in the meeting an older worker stood up and asked openly about the trials, for years an unmentioned and unmentionable topic.
Several of them stood in the center of the street directing pedestrian and automobile traffic.
Best of all, the last pagans could be acclaimed for having stood for tolerance in an age of mounting intolerance.
The white of the rice, he said, stood for the white population.
People stood on chairs to wave their paddles, to spend.
He had shaved his mustache and his sideburns and stood before the jury in his new suit under the high vaulted ceilings.
In order to access a building platform, the employee stood on the liftgate and activated the lift lever with his foot.
In the center, as well as to the extreme right of the enclosure, stood wooden huts covered with palm leaves.

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